Can you use imagination to create your own magick?

So I have clairvoyance but it’s not developed fully yet. I did a aura reading on a Girl and it was accurate. But I’m wondering if I imagine a protective wall around me can I use that to protect myself from humans if I ever need too! Thanks

Like a imagination wall where they can’t touch me? It’s just a thought

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Physically it probably won’t unless u have reinforced the trigger of visualizing that wall causing such makes ppl physically move away…Personally, I store up gas so I have a nice fart to send ppl scattering when needed. You may succeed in reducing ppl’s interest in approaching u, but ur body language of defensiveness will attract assholes and the bottom of the sludge barrel, especially when there’s more than one…

A btter defensive strategy would be to attack or go on the offensive some way (not physically) in such a manner the person is repulsed…I’ve tried doing this for 15 years as a defense and failed everytime though…

Thinking as i type this, a protective spirit may be a better idea (because then u wont waste tme attacking ppl in ur head or sheilding them in ur head(whichever u prefer) , and wont have to think about it. Imagination works only to a point…While u can create ur own magick, visualization is not enough…

It does nothing alone but create internal fantasies which may not be constructive…As for protective spirits , I know nothing about… Ur imagination could probably help u with Communicating with such, and working with it.

Could I create a servitor from imagination and programming it with imagination. And talking to it or thinking what I want it to do for me?

I want to create one to protect me!

Also are servitors spirits do they have feelings? Or are Servitors energy that has no feelings only knows what it needs to do?

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Imagination is like the cornerstone to real magic. Visualization provides a mental framework for your intuition to map out association based hinges that you can feel out in a way that allows you to navigate hyperspace and figure out where to place emotional pressures or open pathways. I prefer to do all my fighting by myself though i hate to put faith in any protector spirits without knowing what exactly their doing unless its Jesus :innocent:

This u can do. I did something similar by projecting into it a personality, speaking to it in my head and vizualizing her floating around behind me wherever i went. Took 2 years and was kinda a fun way to past the time during crappy mundane stuff…Servitors are an awesome way to channel imagination, as is sigil magick…In those respects the potential is limitless.

It doesn’t really work as a casting technique personally though. Many find results with visualization as casting, and im always in awe of it…u may get results visualizing and i hope u do…I’ve always had a visual mind and could enter intircate worlds of fantasy and imagination, eyes open in close…I wonder if whether a person has an auditory, visual, tactile, and every other different type of mind makes a difference…rather that be my question.