Can you use a pendulum to help clarify a tarot spread?

I just tried to interpret a three card spread I just did and decided to ask my pendulum if my interpretation was correct. Is this a viable option or should I solely rely on intuition?

Well you can do anything you like Blackmore. Practitioners often use multiple methods of divination to confirm results.

I personally use either my tarot cards or my pendulum mostly. But I usually just pick one and trust the results.


You could ask your pendulum but I think you get more trust in your reading when you get some kind of prove that you were correct.
At some point you could start to ask people if you could try to do a reading for them for practice and see what they‘d tell you how accurate you were. That’s the best way to get trust in your work probably.
Also if the pendulum would say “no”, I think, it’s not said, that the whole reading was wrong. Maybe you were just confused about parts of it. So don’t get selfdoubts. :four_leaf_clover:


You can also ask which card to pick . that Works too

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