Can you talk to people psychically like this?

I have this way of visiting people. YOu go to them like they’re a place, and you talk to their consciousness. It’s like another layer of self conscious, but the person is mostly unaware of it, they only feel it. Is this possible or am I fooling myself? All the spirits I’ve asked say it is.


It is possible. Its @Yberion’s preferred method of contact, as stated in his evocation guide. Astral meetups with other peoples consciousness, higher selves, guides, etc, etc. is a great way to get information and answers to questions. Though, as always, test, test, test the information youre given and don’t just blindly accept what is said. There is a lot of mental mistranslations and allegory that happens between realms.


Then I managed to apologize correctly, good. I’ll dm you the info as I’d feel weird posting it in public.

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I love that last post of yours LOL.

Of all the stuff you have posted on the forum, you consider this topic the weird one.

I love you Max!

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Thanks! Hehe.

God, I think I’m more embarrassed than weird. Coming soon: Barney the Dinosaur possess me ASMR

I prefer it. Especially since I live in an Eastern Time +5-6 hrs area, it’s how I sometimes visit people I can’t see. It’s 8-10pm on the Eastern US Coast by the time I get off of work (still have to drive home). A quick check up on my sibs before going to bed…

Yes, everyone can do this, there are just alot of imposters and mechanics blocking contacts, because all people cant just go to everyone and talk, they get killed if they reach too hard…

and yes there are “platforms” of consicousnesses, but most of beings are currently in singular state, so only way to to talk to their soul, is to go to their body, and try to open communication. problem is there imposters and their system, we are actively working to close it all down.

singularity wins. dont get caught on it…

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Do they know you talked to them at all?

Wouldn’t know for certain. I tend to hear from them on social media not long afterwards. If I wanted a conversation, it’s a lot more efficient to use the phone :slight_smile:

I feel like they don’t know it, they feel it.

Sure. That’s good enough for me. I haven’t watched it in a while, but Behemoth-X has a telepathy video on YouTube that, if memory serves, is similar.

consistency, and you need to know that they want to talk with you, so in time you learn to reconize eachothers phasing and manners and things what are important in spirit communication of living beings !

this is actually most impprtant thing every occultist should practice, dead are really… dead…

I have actually been able to speak to this version of Sam a lot lately (and he’s made some advances on me :grimacing:)

I think I more or less got it down!

Can anyone talk to me in dream

The thing is, I’m not sure if the conscious people actually remember it.

Try asking a spirit.

Its similar to controlling a person from their unconscious, or rather stirring the behavior of the archetypes directly…Easiest just to use a sigil to pull it off . Works all the same in real time.

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Scares me to think just how much power spirits have over us. Kind of excites me too. That crap turns me on


Some people are like empty containers for them. XD . Its is intriguing, but what scares me is that they give humans power… im sure the spirits allow it because they find this amusing…it is to a degree.

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One thing is, though, I’ve dared people to try to control me and they haven’t been able to very easily

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Humanity is already dancing to a good enough symphony as it stands…collectives are easier to manipulate than individuals…however, how one manipulates the collectives around the individuals may be a means of indirectly controlling even strong willed persons who can read the patterns and tell something is askew. I speak purely on ideas here

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