Can you soul travel while awake and still function?

To anyone who has soul traveled while awake, what did it feel like? Could you still function? Can you travel and know you’re traveling while walking around in the physical? And also is bilocating the same as soul travel?

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Did it feel like this? Or are you asking what it would be like because remote viewing is the first thing that came to my mind.

" Remote viewing is defined as t he ability to acquire accurate information about a distant or non-local place, person or event without using your physical senses or any other obvious means . It’s associated with the idea of clairvoyance and sometimes called “anomalous cognition” or “second sight.” The difference between natural psychic receptivity and remote viewing is that the latter is a trained skill that the average person can learn to do."


I’m not sure you understood the question.

Maybe not the same way you meant to ask it. Just figured I’d offer what I thought you were talking about and some information on it because that was the first thing I thought of.

I just thought you were referring to remote viewing. Not really sure what you’re talking about now and may have to do some more research lol. The only type of “soul traveling” I’ve ever done is astral projection and I was able to talk but I was definitely not mobile.

Oooooh ok. Well thanks for your input! :blush: I’ve been studying Ea koetting and he said there is a distinct difference between astral projection and soul travel. He even said you could possess people. Im sorry you weren’t able to move while astral projecting. Have you solved that problem?

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haha I meant moving in the physical world. But yea, remote viewing is basically astral projection without being able to move your body.

I’ll have to look into the difference then because to me they have always been the same thing.


It sounds like he’s talking about visualization of presence. That’s basically focusing your entire body of energy outward and traveling in the physical plane on a astral level. I’m not sure what the difference is between astral projection and soul traveling are though because I’ve honestly never attempted this technique. I’m pretty sure it would be very similar though in that you can’t physically move your body but you can move your energy freely.

Soul traveling would prolly be a lot more taxing and I am sure you could definitely do some more noticeable psionics in the real world with your energy and not actually moving your body.

Anyways, hope someone else give you a better answer, just noting from personal experiences and watching EAs introduction to Soul Travel.

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Ok lol I misunderstood. But ok that’s good to know! :+1:

Can you teach me how to remote view?

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I mean, I can’t really show you how but I can point you in the right direction like people have been doing for me on here :

Scroll to about half page and it will start talking about things to practice in order to remote view. You won’t usually get it on your first try and it does take some practice to get comfortable with remote viewing for longer periods of time. Also, your vision might be blurred the first successful times as well. It’s a lengthy process to get “good” at.

Another good step is learning how to lucid dream and doing similar steps as the ones on that page.

Ok great! Im so excited thank you!

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Im also looking for an etheric body guard. This sounds a little reckless but you see, I’m partially possessed by a demon that won’t leave me alone. I was wondering if someone could astral project to me and remove it. I’ve called on angels so many times and nothing has worked. Im thinking a spiritually developed human would be of more help to me. What do you think?

Maybe. I’ve never astral projected to someone. Prolly be better to find someone you know who does magick locally as it would be a stronger connection. Then again I’m sure in the vast world of the internet, there probably is someone who can do it over the internet too.

You could also research psionics and removing parasites because not everything is a “demon”. Not saying you’re wrong, just saying it might be deception.

Ok. Thank you. If I understood correctly…you can use psionics to get rid of entities? And oh that is such a coincidence. I was looking into psionics yesterday.

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You can once you get more practiced at it. You learn to make things with your own energy. It’s definitely something I would recommend learning for anyone getting into the occult, it’s why I learned it first. lol.

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Ok. Good to know :ok_hand: and thanks again!

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This entity healed me and now it won’t go away.

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You’re talking about bilocation. That is a thing that exists and can be done.


Ok can it be done while awake? The reason i ask is because i think this guy i met in college has possessed me via bilocation. I had never heard of it until he told me about it telepathically.

It’s arguably easier to do than true AP, but it’s less stable and requires a lot of focus to properly maintain it for any period of time.

Ok. Have you done it before?