Can you send restless dead across the country?

Hey all,

Haven’t been around much recently but uhhh well I am looking for some non-judgemental folks to troubleshoot something for me.

In short, I did two rituals yesterday that involved sending intranquil spirits from a local graveyard to someone who didn’t tell me I was the dude they were using to emotionally cheat on their actual bf. So I thought well, first of all screw you and also hey here’s a great opportunity to practice some necromancy.

I’m not going to list the specifics of the ritual but it involved calling them up, and sending them on their way to the target. Astrologically I know this wasn’t the best day or moon cycle but I figured it could be used to split them up? I hit the mercurial hour both times so hopefully that gave it some juice, and suffumigated some pictures of her I brought up on my phone with wormwood while I was at the cemetery.

The first, more mild one worked great. The second one (at night) was more intense, and while I did a great deal of clearing before I went back home and took a different route, etc. that night I had a divination that told me I had pests in my home, and it has caused me considerable distress and anxiety.

I’ve also felt yeah, a lot of that continue to today. I mean definitely some karma there (however you view it that’s what im going with), but im also wondering if I fucked up by trying to send local graveyard spirits across the country? Im getting a sense of some beings being pissed they can’t go do what I asked but im not sure. Im getting similar feelings back of when I’ve sent out spells that had no path—the energy just comes back to me and sends me into manic anxiety.

Does anyone have experience with this? Im going to let it continue to manifest for a few more days regardless, but I may need to change tack if all this energy is going to keep coming my way, not hers.

Would love input from those who’ve worked with intranquil dead before!

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I wvoked and bound a restless spirit terrorizing an apartment complex in Europe while living in Hawaii. I still send that spirit on tasks and neither distance or astrological factors matter at all. Ive ignored both most of the time.