Can you see familiars

I asked amducias to give me familiars to protect me. About an hour later I went out into the hallway to to bathroom.When I came out the bathroom I saw a black blob for a split second Infront of me on my left.I want to know if anybody asked for familiars and seen what I saw. Can you see them?

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Black goo offspring maybe. I know the black sentient goo as access to astral realm and can materialize in rare occasions. I wish to ask this question; a few minutes before the sightings, did you think of ‘wealth’’ 'or ‘‘gold’’?

No I didn’t think of wealth or gold

How many familiars can you have?

How good are your Clair’s?

There’s two possibilities here:

That’s simply what your mind is able to create as a placeholder for what it can perceive


You’ve attracted some type of “astral wildlife” as ND it zooming around in your space.

It’s also possible that it’s all of the above.

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My Clair’s are not that good. I never thought that I might attract astral wildlife ,maybe that’s what happened.

If you’re doing the work, it’s kinda like having strobes in your house and you’re going to attract random spirits that wanna see what’s going on.

Regular banishing or putting up wards can mitigate any nasties that might drop by.



My unverified personal gnosis:

If you do a lot of magick, you will have many familiars. One or two of them can be more obvious than others but our “spirit team” is wide.

In faery, they are called co-walkers.

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