Can you pathwork with YHWH?

Are there any pathworkings with yhwh that people know about or do you just create your own?? Which archangel can pretty much achieve anything for you just like god?? (YHWH)

Dude, pathworking with archangels has nothing at all to do with Yahweh.

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No I meant who is like a version of Yahweh like Michael with the meaning who is like god

Try Neville Goddards stuff

Yeah it’s more LOA than magick but if you wanna be like God over your reality

Totally possible and I think it combines well with magick

Personally I did a sort of pathworking… in the past I said some prayers addressed to the Father, after some time tried to do an evocation and channeling, then the other day I summoned “Him” again and turned that into an invocation/merging. About the angel I’d say Metatron, also he’s called something like “lesser YHWH”.