Can you partially evoke a spirit or spirits in a ritual?

Has anyone ever heard of such a thing? What does it mean to partially evoke a spirit?


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Ive heard of full manifestation before, and have almost seen it in photos of adepts, can see the entity there in the smoke.
When I do evocation, I do it simply by candle light, gazing at the sigil until the lines move, and call out to the spirit.
Sometimes my camera afterward will reveal colored orbs, or I or others may see them in the incense smoke, I currently can’t use incense, so I use scented oil and candles instead.

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Wouldn’t need a ritual for that. I do it in my car many mornings. The rest are invocations or partial possessions.

Partial evocation is the NORM. Full evocation, most of the time, is a waste of time and energy. Done both plenty.


Basically, a partial evocation is an evocation to presence. There is no physical manifestation, but there is a distinct feeling of something there.


Ok, so you have never heard of “partial evocation”, correct?

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No, but based on what the other replies have been, it sounds like what I do.

I understand. So, I’ve done many evocations before and because I was chanting, the environment was very still and quiet, there was insence, candles, etc. and I was overall in the spirit of what I was doing a feeling would come over me a lot of the times. I usually took it as the spirit was present but looking back and analyzing the evocations, the very strong feelings that came over me likely were induced by the state of mind that I was in.

Now, my question is, if the spirit(s) don’t fully manifest, how can one diffentiate between the presence of a spirt from a feeling brought on by a state of mind, emotions, etc. during the ritual?

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Everything is a state of mind. Your mind is what perceives, so there is basically no real difference. When you call a spirit, and you get that sense of presence, that feeling of something there, then the spirit has answered.

All the paraphernalia of magick, the chanting, the candles, the incense, it is all designed to facilitate getting into the particular state of mind where magick happens, where you can begin to perceive the more subtle reality. With practice, you will be able to sharpen your awareness, and be better able to separate the spirit from the energies that flow around you constantly. It is just a matter of learning to tune your focus.


A waste of time and energy? I thought full evocation was needed to really communicate with the spirits?

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It seems to be more than just a state of mind because inspite of the feelings and the (false) sense of the spirits’ presence I’m not getting any results whatsoever after many months of trying.

Now, I’ve seen how some professional magicians do their evocation and from what I can see what they do is not more complicated nor involved than what I have been doing. I haven’t gotten any results whatsoever from them and I haven’t gotten any results whatsoever from what I have been doing either. So, is there something that we are missing here? Is partial evocation really even a thing? Are we sure we are not supposed to see the spirits full blown in whatever medium they are suppose to appear (water, smoke, mirror, etc.)?

You could try the Solomonic method instead I suppose, that might have full manifestation.

I’ve done the full Solomonic evocation a numer of times too.

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It took years before I started to get consistent results, so the only advice I can give is to keep at it.
It took me that long because of certain spiritual baggage I carry, but everyone is different. Very few get it right from the start, and even the co-founder of this forum, EA Koetting, struggled to get results in the beginning.


I will absolutely keep at it.

Last question, maybe. Do you know any ancient grimoires that mention partial evocation either in those exact words or described it in such a manner, the way you have earlier?

There are spirits around us all the time that weren’t evoked by us that can be communicated with. All you need is either their presence in your space or
connection to them, if they aren’t. DarkestKnight explained it nicely, I see.

Ok. Do you know any ancient grimoires that mention partial evocation either in those exact words or described it in such a manner, the way DarkestKnight mentioned earlier?

Very interesting topic. As I see it, “partial evocation” could indicate that the spirit is listening, without manifesting itself in a visible way. In the sense that he is with you in the room, but without making himself visible in any way, or simply listening. Honestly, I’ve never heard of full-blown physical manifestation (as if we were in front of a person), but through the fumes of incense, or through a mirror. Having said that, I can tell about my experience with the great Belial. In short, I asked him for help with the work environment, and he helped me very well (by the way, I recommend working with him). Before and during the summoning, my heart was pounding, and I was in agitation. Suddenly I experienced a sense of great calm, and that’s when I realized that Belial might have manifested, and that this calm might come from his aura. Obviously I haven’t seen him, but this feeling I got made me assume he was there listening. In any case, I got more than I asked for, and I will always be grateful to him.

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Yes actually. The Sacred book of Abramelin the Mage mentions to the reader to not be so concerned about seeing a spirit and bringing it forth to physical materialization…but to focus only on getting the result that you want to get. In other words, if you get the evocation right, the spirit will hear you whether you are conscious of that fact or not. So to answer your other question:

“We” aren’t missing anything. This is largely a problem that you yourself have to figure out. If you search through the many results posted by people on this forum, you will see that in the vast majority of cases, the user did not report seeing any spirits during the rituals. As a matter of fact, one of my most recent results that I posted a few weeks ago where I got exactly what I asked for, I had to do an 11 day ritual to Nitika…and at no point during those 11 days did I see, hear or even feel the presence of a spirit…but I got the result I wanted nonetheless. Why? Because I don’t look for validations within my rituals in order to give me confidence in magick.

If I were to take a guess at what you are doing wrong, my guess is that you don’t actually believe in Magick. Just based on all the posts I’ve read from you, I get the feeling that you hope we are right about the reality of magick, but you don’t believe it yourself, which is why you sometimes go around questioning other peoples ability to perform magick:

When I see stuff like that, I view it as projection. The doubts in your own ability to perform magick, often gets projected on to the rest of us in your posts. The issue here goetic is that you will never get the validation you seek from other people. The experiences and results from other people can improve your confidence in magick, yes…but it can’t validate its reality to you. The only way to validate Magicks reality is to create your own proof. But you aren’t going to do this if you enter the ritual circle with a cloud of doubt around your head.

So my first bit of advice is to remove any sort of scrying mirrors or incenses from your rituals for the time being, so you don’t get discouraged each time when nothing appears. Instead, focus on the emotions required to manifest your reality. My second bit of advice is to pick one system and stick with it. If you have the Demons of Magick book by Gordon Winterfield, that’s a good one that seems to work well for beginners. And lastly, my third bit of advice: repetition repetition repetition. If you do a ritual for a particular request…repeat that same ritual several days in a row. I’ve been exploring this more lately myself, but I believe repeating rituals can be quite advantageous for two reasons:

  1. It creates a cumulative effect where your emotional investment is concerned
  2. It indirectly kill your lust for result by killing your desire to even think about the result (I recommend reading that hyperlinked article on lusting for results too)

This is something that I was informed is quite popular within New Avatar Power (NAP) But if you are going to do this, you need to set the amount of days you are going to repeat the ritual beforehand and stick to that decision, so that it doesn’t turn into a situation of you repeating rituals constantly in order to make up for your lack of confidence. For example, if you want to bring a love interest into your life…I would pick Asmoday, and use the system for petitioning Goetic spirits in the Demons of Magick book…and I would repeat the ritual at least three times. This was actually something told to me by an old but experienced user as a way of raising energy…if you aren’t able to sufficiently raise enough energy in one ritual (and he said that this was especially necessary for many Gallery of Magick workings). By the end of my 11 day ritual that I mentioned earlier…I was so happy to not have to do any more rituals for that particular request, because I had thought about it so much…it started to become stale in my mind…kinda like if you eat too much of one food for too long, you come to despise it, even if its your favorite meal. This is a good mentality to have after a ritual is over because it eliminates that all important lusting for results that some folks fall into.

So hopefully with this bit of advice, you can start getting the results that you’re after.


Before and during the summoning, my heart was pounding, and I was in agitation. Suddenly I experienced a sense of great calm, and that’s when I realized that Belial might have manifested, and that this calm might come from his aura. Obviously I haven’t seen him, but this feeling I got made me assume he was there listening.

This has happened to me many times during evocation and like I mentioned earlier, I always took it as a sign that the spirit was there. But at the same time like I said, this could have been my nerves and emotions because the state of mind I was in.

There are examples of feelings taking over people when they are in certain state of minds.

For instance, when you are at a ball game and your team is loosing, in the mists of the shouting, the whistles, the laughing, the talking, the passes between the athletes, the shots that the athletes are taking, a feeling can come over you at the right time, like for instance when your team takes a shot in the last 5 minutes of the game.

Another example could be when you are at church singing, clapping, praying, humming in the mist of the music and the whole energy of the church session. You can have an overwhelming feeling come over you. You can understand why people would get different feelings come over them in such a state, right?

A final example could be a person at a concert seeing their favourite artiste or band in the mist of a crowd and loud music, singing and shouting. That person can have different kinds of overwhelming feelings come over him / her because of the exiting admiration that he / she has for the artiste or band.

Are any of these examples an indication that these people evoked spirits or could it simply be the results of the emotional state of mind that they were in? There is no way to absolutely tell, right?

However, when I am trying to do an evocation to make requests of the spirits, it is for real world effects that I want to see in my own life. When months have past since I have done such evocations and I have done everything that I need to do in this mundane world for things to work but yet I have seen absolutely no results, obviously I will start to question the feelings that came over me.

The results that I am looking for are not simple, like a (new) girlfriend, a better job, or better work situation, a few extra hundred dollars, things I could achieve without the help of spirits.

So, that’s what I have to say really. Can I, or anyone really trust my/their feelings and the idea of a “partial evocation” when there has been absolutely no results? Also, keep in mind that I have paid professional magicians that have also done partial evocations, who used and had far less energy, fervour, emotional involvement, as me, and I have also seen absolutely no results.

Honestly, I’ve never heard of full-blown physical manifestation (as if we were in front of a person), but through the fumes of incense, or through a mirror.

Right. That’s the idea I have of a full evocation or simply and evocation. The spirits should appear in some medium (water, smoke, mirror, etc.)