Can you open chakras without meditation?

i had my first experience with raziel when i was 15 raziel did this but hung up because i was afraid of visions,I don’t think meditation is everything, at least it is for me,another person here has successfully awakened his 3rd eye with furcass,Since that day, I can’t open my third eye as I want, I can’t meditate because I have a focus problem.

Now let’s move on to the main question, can a being open a chakra according to its own will?

For example, you call furcas and ask her to activate her 3rd eye and fully develop it,Is she doing that or is she asking me to put a certain meditation in front of you and activate that chakra that way?

Can you build muscles without using them?


Perhaps in some degree a spirit can do that although generally indeed it’s a joint effort, anyway you may also (for example) look between the eyebrows of your image on the mirror, or use body awareness techniques: first gently rub your forehead with the fingertips and memorize the feeling.
Then imagine a vertical rubbing on your forehead, from its top to the “beginning” of your nose. After some repetitions, feel an horizontal rubbing. Pretend you have a ball on your forehead and to brush it with a circular motion; clockwise and counterclockwise. Then to wrap your head, only around (once again) your forehead and feel that wrapping for some times in both ways; etc.

Enoch Petrucelly has few videos on opening your chakras…3rd eye specifically.
VK Jehannum has rituals on opening 3rd eye too.
DH Thorne has videos too.
I hope this helps. :+1:

focus on a particular Chakra and whisper in three sets of three ‘JA JU JI

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Another way I use to fully open each chakra is more tactile but it works so well, I use it before any ritual to get the energy flowing so I can easily make use of it when needed. Also remember that energy flows better in a healthy body so it pays to exercise and eat well, although I do abstain from all food (except water) hours before a ritual. Preparation is everything to me.

So to begin with then, we focus our mind on the root and to stimulate this and connect more deeply with it, you feel it getting bigger and wider at that spot. This once again has to be done very slowly as the chakra will respond to your intention through the imagination so take your time and take note on how far it opens and try to regulate your imagination with this exact size. Feel it bulging as the momentum starts from within, you must not try to pull it open!

Slowly feel and see it getting bigger until it stops growing at which time you do the same thing again and again coaxing it to follow your lead. As you do this let your hands help the situation by gesturing outwards as if you are pushing from the inside to make it bulge. Your hands are a marvellous orchestrator of movement, which can be used as a supporting element within this whole experience.

Initially, you will feel a pulsation at the spot as it follows your intentions and through repetition with your imagination, it will open out to an area about two inches in diameter. This takes time and concentration as you must pay attention and let the spot take its lead from your physical gestures and internal thoughts. You don’t need to imagine colours here as many do as this is just another way to segregate and distinguish each chakra as you apply energy onto it. Once the root has been brought to the dimensions and you can sense it through your imagination, you can move on to the next vortex.

We now imagine the energy rising from the root and going to the spleen chakra between your genitals and navel; you simply focus on this now and go through the same procedure stimulating the energy centre until it has grown to around two inch again. The next chakra is the solar plexus, which is situated between your navel and breastbone. However, before going there you focus back on the root again feeling its girth and drawing energy up to the spleen where you feel this in the same way and then bring the energy up to the solar plexus and start to stimulate the vortex there. Once the solar plexus chakra is opened you once again go back to the root and feel its girth and draw energy up again to the spleen, feel its girth and draw energy up to the solar region and then take this to the heart chakra.

When the heart chakra has been stimulated you draw energy up as already mentioned through every other vortex starting from the root again until you arrive now at the throat, which is situated in the lower hollow region of the throat. Stimulate this and draw energy up from the root and go to the Ajna chakra, which is slightly above the area between the eyebrows. Once this is done you draw up energy again for a final time from the root going through all the other points until you arrive at the area just above the crown of your head, where you open it as you did with the rest of them.

Once this is done, you will feel the energy flowing really heavy and your hands will be tingling like you’re plugged into an electrical socket

It’s not possible to get a spirit to rotate the chakras so to speak?

That has nothing to do with building muscle, or in this case learning a skill. We all are higher beings who all had these skills once and don’t remember how to use them: it’s zero use having ability and no practice using it.

Like, you get a car, but you still have the know how to drive it.

You need to do your own work. Someone else can’t do it for you.

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Is chanting those mantras like LAM (root chakra) going to build the muscles of the chakras?

I do qigong not yoga, so I’m not 100 percent on that system.

I do know, as this article says, that chanting LAM is not intended to build the chakra, it activates and cleanses it. I think, in the yoga system, cultivating more qi like you do in qigong is not done. So… I’d have to guess no? But you should study yoga more to understand this for yourself.

So there is a difference between building and activating. That daily working with it will not build it eventually?

In qigong, my teachers called it “opening” not activating. It just means energy can flow through it well.

Speaking from a qigong perspective, because energy flows where you put your attention, you will get a build up of energy there, but is will be temporary. And that only happens if you think about your base chakra and visualise it getting stronger while you chant and don’t just let your mind wander.

But again in qigong here is no energy storage center there, so nobody would do this in qigong either, not for the base chakra, which is roughly correspondent to Hui Yin, a point on the Microcosmic Orbit. The energy storages are the Dan Tiens, you fill your Dan Tiens, not anything else, usually just the largest, Lower Dan Tien, and the body takes care of balancing that energy to the rest.

So the point of LAM is to cleanse blockages which is very worthwhile.

That’s also something that have confused me in my research of the chakras. There are terms both like “activating”, “opening”, “balancing”, “stimulating”. I have not could figure out if it’s different words for the same or they are all different.

I would say opening and activating are the same thing. Stimulating is similar and is basically working the point to open it. Balancing is the odd one out and means changing it’s energy to remove blocks and ensure it is healthy.

And building?

You don’t seem to understand the meaning of meditation, the word itself, because you can’t really develop any skills or even thought development for wisdom and knowledge to build without some kind of meditation practices, whether that’s just thinking of something and drilling into it with focused awareness, focused efforts, focused intentions, or simply mindless self-awareness or even indulgence in the self.

Every mental exercise is a sort of meditative practice, although not much of the average person’s thought processes are trained by way of standardized meditation.

Still the fact remains that meditation isn’t some mystical artforms if you’re using your mind in a standardized way that’s been shown to improve the way the brain processes energies and info.

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What @Thetruthis1.2 said.

You don’t need to “build” this chakra so that’s not what lam does, no. You do need to have it nice and clean and functioning optimally, which is what lam is for.

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This is incorrect. In the various types of yoga, prana (a Sanskrit word that means the same thing as the Chinese chi) is cultivated through various breathing techniques and muscle contractions. It’s quite similar to some styles of qi gong.


Just curious, what’s the significance of that chant?

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The chant is designed to open doors, so try it on the chakras individually and once you feel it open then move on to the next. This in my experience however is only a temporary short cut, you will still need other methods to keep them open longer and that’s why I use the example below it. Here you get inside each one and push them open, which appears to be a great alternative to the usual meditational methods (whatever works for you).

The chant can also open other doors like portals and spiritual doorways you may encounter on the astral, simply try it and see as it’s good for these types of things. It can also work on scrying tools and methods of divination. Try it before using tarot by laying out a meaningful spread that suggests this opening as you chant JA JU JI and visualise to get you more connected to the cards, or say it over your pendulum etc…