Can you mentor me please?

I m very new here. Can you please mentor me ?

Apologies I can’t pm you yet.

I may not have clear ideas but my interests are things like:

Soul Travel
Trance Work
Energy Work
Astral Senses & Meditation

Thanks You.


It would be a very easy job for most people to mentor you. I think you only have a lack of information and orientation.

You get the PM function with more contributions
but my account had problems after posting enough. I needed this thread…

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Thanks Lukianof. I will wait until then. Any suggestion of tips for me please.

Use the search function to find threads you’re interested in and post much ^^
For questions we could use this thread, too.


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Thanks for replying, much appreciated.

I m doing this reading and have started posting as well.

Can you please suggest what I should do to start for my goals. In posts there so many things and it is overwhelming. It just made me confuse :slight_smile:

Will be great help if you can guide.

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Good question for orientation.

Don’t waste your time with spirits for mundane targets. If you have bad luck after a time you
will do hard to get any contacts according to my experiences. Spirits get to know how your doing if they want it. How clever and grounded you work in Magick, which kind of character you are and how you’re doing in mundane things sums up in magical authority or worst unwortiness.

I’m working according to the lores of Franz Bardon beside those of Koetting and Kenneth Grant.
Franz Bardon taught to seek teachers.

In your place I would mainly seek a teacher for astral travel. There are some Demons, a Spirit and some Angels which teach that.
On the astral planes it will easy to find more contacts (f.e. through your Holy Guardian Angel).
Your mental abilities count in your magical authority, too. Do void mediations.
I mean to stop your thoughts.
Not to think clears your psyche, pushes you into mental & psychic developement and leads into the trance state you need for f.e. Chakra work and astral travel.

Any further questions?


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Thank you so much Lukianof, it is my lucky day. So kind of you. Don’t want to keep asking but to get start meditation:

  1. I use to blue light meditation where light falls like rain some years back. Is it good to do ?

  2. I know for meditation I should be relax, regular. Does it have any more details or cares to do ? I hope it is safe for me and my family. I understand and honour your time, kindly reply when you are comfortable.

Thank you once again.

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It isn’t much about meditation at first.
I don’t know about the blue light meditation
but I don’t think it’s wasting time.
I once knew the name of a meditation for
which you cover your eyes with halved
Ping Pong balls and White Noise was used.

The Thought Silence meditation is what I’m usually doing. Like I said, it leads into the trance state (Koetting calls it the ‘‘Theta Gamma Sync’’,
If you close your eyes your brain starts to produce Alpha Waves immediatly, just random).
Meditation is usually save out of your already stalked by hostile spirits. You shouldn’t be that.

Mantras can help, too.
These are words/sentences repeat in a
permanent loop. This affects your brain, too
and is good for beginners.

No problem. I’m bored at home and like to help.
During the last weeks we got plenty newcomers.


Thanks @Lukjanof. Much appreciated :slight_smile:

Will start and keep posting on forums if there is something important.

Kind regards

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I think the first step is to open your 3rd eye, your 3rd is responsible for your sensitivity ya know, that will help you to see, feel, hear the spiritual side, all the magik in a way. So open your 3rd eye. On YT there a lot music with the right wave that can help, meditate thinking on it, imagining it opening. There might be other tips here and in others sites on this as well.
Even though maybe is not your interest, I think summonings are important as well, demons, angels, gods they can help you, not just in the beginning (like have your 3rd eye fully open) but with all of your goals too. They can direct you to where to go, where to search, how get there, far more than us. So give it a try. I recomend Lucifer, cause he’s great for beginners, maybe Belial too, cause I’ve had summoned him to aso.his help woth astral project and he told me to do light body meditation, I can’t remember how it was, but it took me a while to find it, but there’s a meditation on that.
So to mostly things about magik, including your goals, had to do with meditation. Is a way to look inside you, to connect with your soul, your true self. Any questions, free feel to ask :slight_smile:
Unfortunately I can’t pm you either, cause I’m new here too :laughing:

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As a beginner building a solo foundation is probably your best bet, not a mentor. If you’re seeking a mentor without a foundation you’ll just be a blank canvas that’ll end up just copying the belief systems of your mentor and taking on the views because of what you read instead of gaining your own experiences that build your experiences.

My suggestion is explore the forum using the search function, work on your inner awareness which is awareness of your energy system, how your energy feels, looks, and every other senses, then work on outer awareness which helps in being capable of perceiving entities and energies around you. So with a decent foundation such as that you’ll be able to gain your own experiences and when you do decide to get a mentor you can test what they teach you that way you can either integrate what they teach you after you have tested it or discard it.