Can you invoke/summon/evoke a concept just as you would with a spirit?

Some schools of magickal thoughts consider that anything in the universe as a spirit.

Let’s say that instead of invoking Aamon, Mercury or else using their sigil to improve a friendship… I use the word “friendship” as a “seal”. Than i push energy, chant etc as i would do with any “popular” magickal technique

Do you think this as a chance to work?

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Why not. Energy follows mind. If that’s what you intended, that’s what will happen.

Intention. Is. EVERYTHING.


you can really evoke anything there is that you can think of as long you can channel the energy anything can be evoke/summon or invoke you can make a sigil of that what ever it is, as a gateway to that xyz what ever is you want to evoke or invoke.

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Except when it’s not :joy:

Yes. Concepts, like anything else, have their own energy. You can manifest just by chanting the word.


I read about people evoking the “spirit of the disease” in order to banish it or deal with it… Even a traditionnal witch who invoked “the person’s bad behaviour” to change it.

Looks like the possibilities are endless.


The former moderator here, Lady Eva, liked to evoke the spirit of books. She evoked the spirit of New Avatar Power (NAP) and Evoking Eternity, for example.


Ancient Romans did that all the time, basically any abstract concept one can think of is an obscure Roman deity. Think Concordia of TV series “Rome”, the one Lucius Vorenus claimed anal intercourse with; she’s simply the notion of social peace, personalized. Scholars would consider it a result of Roman scepticism, an instance of rationalist post-religion; Romans themselves, on the other hand, were obsessively prejudicious in intense, dramatic way, secret rituals and omens and tokens everywhere,the atmosphere is one of fever, so one can take their deities-abstractions pretty seriously too, not to mention that anything that has a cult practice becomes an egregore eventually.

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This method goes quite a ways back, it was one of the means of exorcism in Mesopotamia

There was a whole “class” of demons (for lack of a better term) who were entirely personifications or spirits of concepts. :slight_smile:


Sounds just like the 72 genius spirits lol

This topic reminds me of a magician named Felix that wrote an ebook called Corporate Daemonology, which I think he still offers and lists online for free so if interested, just google it I guess. Anyway, he listed ways of invoking corporate logos and siphoning the energy from corporations and brands.

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Yes let me summon a legion of parasites from TikTok and incubi from Onlyfans.

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I recently created a sigil that I use to summon money as an energetic concept (I can interact with kind of like a spirit). I kind of embodied it with how I want my relationship with money to feel so it’s like summoning an aspect of money I want to be in my life. Because I have had a negative relationship with money in the past this allows me to alter the relationship I have with it in my subconscious and in theory then in the real world as well. This is just something I’ve been experimenting with.


I also believe in that aspect of magick.

All our relationships (with health, beauty, money…) has its thoughtform. Changing that relationship we reprogramm the thoughtform and those changes happen in all the plans.

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That’s brilliant. I might steal that idea and run with it.
Growing up in a bit of a hippie household, my relationship with money is also a bit weird and warped.
This idea will probably be a big help to fix that.

How has your experiment been so far?


:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: For what exactly, we love onlyfans!!