Can you invoke demons at daytime?

Been reading about demons being night creatures so it’s obvious to invoke them at nighttime.

But what if you do it on daytime does that make a difference?

Are you less powerful because it’s daytime?

You can evoke them at any time, day or night.

Have you tried using the search function before asking questions? This question is a pretty common one and there are many other threads that discuss it.

Why would the magician be less powerful in the daytime? That makes no sense.



Dependes, demonology and goetis yes but witchraft, and some slavic spirts are nightime only. I always wonder if i can call baphomet in day time,. Also spme Egyptian godes such ra, are solar so inly day time,

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We used to call entities that didn’t care if it was day or night, but for some reason they didn’t want us to have lights on, they bothered them. I think they will just let you know.

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