Can you help to identify this entity or demon?

Hey all
I paint spirit so I come to the LHP from a painters perspective hence the image and, I guess, my unique perspective. I’ve worked with spirit since i was a child and I’ve been active in magic from as long as I can remember. I’ve been taught almost exclusively from spirit. I live in London Uk currently, I moved here about four years ago and since then i have been bombarded by London’s dead. It’s so haunted! OMG! I also do astral clearings outside London. I’m putting a link here to my website as there is a comprehensive bio page explaining my LHP practise/spirituality and more paintings of these death demons if you need more info.

I also want to mention I do these clearings for free so it would be great if I could get some help or advice.

Over the past couple of years I’ve been involved with seven really nasty hauntings both on site and on an astral level and out of these seven I’ve had to ritually bind four of these entities I call death demons, for want of a better name. I really don’t know they are but they are seriously malicious and dangerous to those who are not spiritually aware or have spiritual support.
Here’s the summery of their common traits I’ve picked up so far, along with the painting Ive done of one example.

They’re not high level, they are from the lower levels.

They’re not human dead spirits, they are inhuman in some form.

They try to attach to human energy, particularly if the person is vulnerable.

They want those their human attachments to die (seriously).

They’re not interested in the strong willed people or those of us who have spiritual experience.

They will attach to one person and the attach to the other people in their lives and cause mayhem.

They use the human dead to do their bidding, usually haunting the F*&$ out of a space and doing real damage to the inhabitants. One of there common traits is to push people, especially down staircases.
Another is to appear to those people they are targeting as black formless shapes. They use fear to get those living or working to leave the spaces they are haunting. I’ve tried to research these ‘death demons” myself but the only thing I’ve come up with is something called a Wendigo which is a Native American Indian term but I can’t find any further info. I currently have these entities in bindings and intend to clear them but I would really like to know what I’m actually dealing with first. Any ideas or suggestions of what this entity is or directions I could research would be much appreciated.




question are those tendrils supposed to be tentacles? and the circles eyes?

Hi Virtue,
I know exactly what you are dealing with and to be quite honest, this is not a demon. Interestingly, enough, your depiction is where mainstream Hollywood gets most of its horror. This is not a deceased human creating havoc, it, for lack of a better word is a “devil”. This is where the “legion” mythology comes from, as its power is so great, as per your painting, you can see the outreach of the tentacles. This has the power to manipulate families, drive people insane and to suicide.
I am not aware of any name. I believe numerous cultures are aware of this, ancient and current, but choose not to place a name on it, as we all know what can be called.
I do know most of these are ancient and are land based.
You may have cleared a tentacle…it is possible to say cleanse a home on what this entity has claimed, but it still has power getting to and fro the property.
These are nasty and I do not envy you one iota…just keep doing what you are doing, keep clearing, keep helping! If I can ever offer any help, don’t hesitate to ask…

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There job is to eventually kill all living beings, it looks very similar to bacteria cell structure think of these as it’s spiritual component! Also they don’t use the dead, they just mimick there abilities. Think of them as spiritual infection, that tries to attach themselves to a vulnerable area then infecting it and then spreading. So one would use spiritual version of anti-biotics on it!


This is merely speculation, but I’m thinking rogue tulpas. Appearance wise, the lore from various sources says they appear as dark shadowy things.

A tulpa requires attention to make it function, like circuit board requires electricity. Usually this attention comes from individuals, or in the case of Egregores, from groups. I’ve seen mention here and there that when something dies, there’s some residual awareness which can be harvested. If you apply that residual death awareness to your tulpa, it can become self sufficient and operate independently.

Would make sense that these things are using death in order to make themselves stronger by harvesting that residual awareness.

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I’ve encountered and experienced many entities that look similar to the things you’ve drawn.

I call them astral parasites. I’ve experienced them attached to people, draining them … usually through the root chakra.

I’ve run into a lot of them through healing work on other people. They’re often attached to people who have long-term chronic illnesses.

I personally believe many of them are created unconsciously through someone’s intense fear or hatred and then take on a life of their own. Kind of like they’re trying to survive.

I have also experienced a couple that were created intentionally by magickians as egregores, like @The_Cusp said.

It’s interesting how we’re experiencing similar things in most of these replies, although we tend to interpret them a little differently. This is why I love sharing experiences with everyone. :smile:


I work with the one they call Legion. That’s not his actual name, but I do work with him. He is a demon of the Abyss, and very powerful. Not very sure if he is the haunting type though. Archdemons tend to stay out of that sort of business as far as I am aware. If this is really him though I am sure he has his reasons. Personally, I am not incredibly convinced that it is him.