Can you help me with dreams?

Hello again :slight_smile:

I had an love ritual with demons.
My mentor said that I will have the dreams, but she won’t tell me what kind of dreams.
From couple of days I didn’t have any dreams I could remember, but two days ago I opened my chakra, did meditation, and I send the speech to my love object by thelepaty.
I’m not fixating about the ritual and I don’t think to much about it.
Yesterday I was dreaming about him, in my dreams he wanted us to live in one house again.
Today he was telling me in my dreams, he was thinking a lot, and we should be again together.

What do you think about those dreams?

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Thats really positive however we cant exactly tell what dreams mean sometimes it might mean something but sometimes its our mind
But its actually a positive sign, make sure you think about him the same way as in your dreams
Imagining you two together rather than lusting for results


Thank You for advices! :heart::crescent_moon:

I would err on the side of caution and suggest such dreams are usually ‘wish fulfillment’ dreams. It’s good that your subconscious and conscious minds are aligned.

It’s for you to decide if the avatar of your target was the actual spirit or your own creation. You would hopefully know this intuitively, but it’s not always easy to tell.

Even if it was the spirit, how that is acted upon in conscious physical reality is another matter. You would still need to follow up and act in the world to cause change that can flow with the new energy you set to effect the result you want.


Thank You for reply, and suggestions.
I always think, that the “special” dream is letting me to feel the emotions during sleep, just like they real, and those dreams was one from this kind.
Maybe You have some special advices for my how to work to don’t destroy the think?:crescent_moon:

I’m glad for having this conversation! :sun_with_face:

You mean to maintain the link? I think it’s going to stay on your side unless you do a working or let time heal it over. Without his input it will just fade all by itself.

I’m stressing out that I will do something that will destroy the rituals.
For now I’m trying to meditate, work around my chakras. I have no contact with my husband, so I’m trying to send him a messages by telepathy. I’m telling him to meet with me. I hope all my work will work :hugs:

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I don’t think you’ll mess up the rituals. The thing about not lusting for results, is about not being in a place where you know and feel it’s not working, as that in itself is magik, magik that makes ‘it’s not working’ true.

You’re having dreams where it’s working, you put the ritual out of your mind. I think there’s no harm in repeating it - repeat to add to and reinforce the energy. That’s fine, and not the same thing as repeating because it didn’t work the first time.

Thank You a lot, so nice to speak with some one with such a good advices.
From another hand I can feel that the rituals are doing good, is two things… Sunday I just started to cry like crazy, because I was feeling so much I miss him. Didn’t do this for two months, and it just came one day.
Second is, from couple days I feel strong thing inside me to take the way that’s always close to place he is living. Just so magnetic, also didnt feel this for last two months. I think I’m on good way :sun_with_face:

Today had dream where I asked him if he cheated on me, and he said no :sweat_smile:
I’m extra happy :slight_smile: