Can you help me interpret this candle?

I lit a candle for a shmhamphorash angel on the sagitarious full moon eclipse.
I asked for clarity and wisdom. It basically bent backwards and has a weird shape

Thank you im new to the forum so i can only post 1 photo xx

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Welcome to the forum ! I don’t think it has a meaning , it simply burnt out

Looks like a slow uphill battle to me. If you google candle wax divination, there is a lot of information available. I tend to go with my gut, but it was useful to see the common associations when I was earlier into my workings.

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I think you should connect whatever meaning you get from the candle to the astrological house in your natal chart which was affected by the eclipse
it might be relevant

thank you!

thanks a lot, will do. yeah also looked like a “slow uphill battle”

Hi, thanks, I took your advice, it is an interesting one

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