Can you enchant different parts of your body for lasting attraction?

Salutations! The main focus of my magic is love, attraction, and sexuality. While I am quite new, I’ve had a good amount of success attracting in/manifesting new lovers. However, this brought to me a question of how to keep the favorable ones. I have the idea of enchanting parts of the body that they’d come into contact with, such as the lips and thighs, or places they’d look often such as the chest and eyes to keep them attracted, interested, infatuated, constantly thinking about, etc. I’ve looked around on different pages on the web, different apps, and even on here, but I haven’t found quite what I’m looking for. Does anyone have a potent way of doing this? Would such work fall under glamours? Thank you in advance!

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Attraction spells are the answer. However, rather than doing magic for a particular body part cast a spell for the kind of relationship you want and meditate on it fully. Cast a spell to attract the right partner. Or even better… Rather than doing magic to target others, consider how changing yourself will change the situation to attract the person you really want.

So while you can use an attraction spell to help you get a particular person, remember that the spell is only a partial solution. That means that the spell may succeed in physically drawing the person closer to you—you may start running into them more often… But ultimately, the attraction spell is not a possession spell, it cannot finish the job for you, it only rigs certain factors in your favor. If you begin your own transformation, you become a better person, improve your character, understanding and communication, then magic is a good choice and it will bring more happiness, balance and satisfaction to you and also to a new partner.

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Thank you for the reply! I definitely am working on myself and have been for a while. I feel one cannot do magic well, especially not the love or attraction sort, without having a strong sense of self worth and love. It can’t come from a place of hurt or desperation, unless you are reeeally good at channeling all that energy into a ritual and leaving it there like E.A. has sugggested, in different videos (I’m not, yet😅 I tend to carry my feelings around). My main motivation for this inquiry is just because I want to keep the new suitors close while I try to get to know them better.


Sorry- I meant to reply the above^ to you!

These are definitely some warnings to consider, so I hope to be very careful with not abusing the certain parts or just my presence in general if I go the route you suggested. Thank you for your insight- do you know of any specific glamour, attraction, and/or obsession spells that have worked for you in the past? I know of a glamor that utilizes a mirror, but I’ve never used it myself.

I really appreciate your insight and taking an extra step by attaching a video- Thank you!