Can you do a ”saltbath” cleanse in the shower?

I’ve read about salt baths to cleanse yourself of negativity and stuff but I haven’t come across a salt cleanse that you can do in the shower. I don’t have a tub, only a shower and I believe that I’m not the only one here.

I wonder how that would work,to do a salt cleanse in the shower?


You can always do a salt scrub. It won’t be as effective as a salt bath, but will still help in removing any negative energy, can still cleanse etc. I do this sometimes and it help me and I always feel better afterwards. I put some Himalayan, dead sea salt or even Epsom salt in my washcloth, or sometimes I make a scrub. I rub the washcloth or my hands over my body in circular motions, and imagine I’m scrubbing away any negative energy. I rinse and imagine that energy washing away…sometimes I’ll light a candle or some incense, but that’s just to put me in a mood.

I hope that helps :hibiscus:


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I have found that doing a feet soak in salt water can be helpful for the same purpose. If you have any experience with energy working, it is similiar to drawing energy from the earth into your body. Simply place your feet in the salt water in a small vessel while sitting comfortably. Take some deep breaths to relax and see the water glowing with energy from the salt. See your own body covered in mud or dirt to represent the negativity. Take slow, comfortable breaths and draw the energy into your body, visualizing it going up your body slowly. Allow the light to circulate throughout your body as it rises up and down through you. As it passes those " dirty" patches, imagine them being carried off by the light, leaving you clean. Them simply allow the energy to reflow back into the water source. Done.

You can also use a salt scrub or the steam bath method most people use for coughs with hot water and eucalyptus oil.

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Hope this helps and you got a laugh lol


Lol thank you :slightly_smiling_face: will try that salt scrub first though, I’m not super great with enery work and stuff like that

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