Can you change the past

Hey I am just wondering can i change my past
i want to change alot about my past from my brithday (i am 18) to my personality

is there spells out there or anicent spirits who willing to help

thank you


I dont think that past can be changed. What is once done is done…


No. You just create a new timeline.


My guy is going Avangers style :sweat_smile:
Its best for to start changing yourself now.



We have people come here all the time wanting to change things that have already happened, but time magick doesn’t work that way.

I recommend you read the book Space/Time Magick by Taylor Ellwood.


I believe that you can change the past. Every experience you have had in your life has helped build you to be the person you are right now. Each experience has had one particular affect Which has guided you to the next experience etc. etc.

You can change how the experience affected you, but you cannot change the physical experience.

But know that changing the experience will subtley change you.

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Look into Quantum Jumping and the theory behind it. You may not be able to change the past put you can change your current state by “jumping” into another you in another dimension. Look it up. It might help.


I don’t believe you can change the past but you can learn from it and choices you’re about to make can create a type of “phantom” timeline meaning it can exist but it doesn’t yet and they’re we many as you have the choices to make and when you make a choice all other phantom timelines cease to exist as your choice becomes part of the “alpha” timeline. Though that just putting it in long term it hole in short term it’s basically saying there’s only one timeline and choices only create temporary phantom timelines until a choice is made.

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You can change your past, changing your present & future :slight_smile:.


You can change your perception of the past.

Meditation is the first step.
I won’t suggest any entities because that’s more up to you after you’ve done some reading in my opinion.


You can’t change the past on this timeline, but you can go back to the past and quantum jump to a different dimension. Or, you can conjure the subconscious of a you on a different dimension and ask questions to compare notes.

Some people have said you can go back to the past and change it using Steven Gibbs’ HDR, but i have to leave it up to you to find out whether that’s a legit device or not. Buy one if you can and test it out.

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I can only imagine that the creator (whatever it is) can change the past. Of course, if it changed the timeline nobody would notice.

Now, to a more grounded explanation… it’s not proven possible to travel back in time in any possible way, only fast forward into the future (not currently possible by mankind). But, if anyone here can actually change the past, please, do it. But we are not going to notice anyway.


What people don’t seem to understand @xendarath, is that changing the past automatically changes the present.

It may be that the past decisions worked out in a person’s favor. Changing that past decision may take the favor away, exposing them to unforseen dangers or complications.

Let’s just say there have been a couple of time-travel magicians i’ve known in the past that mysteriously dropped off the face of the earth. I never hear from them anymore, and i don’t know why.

On the other hand, a well-chosen past change could make a person successful beyond your wildest dreams in the present.

It’s a bit of a crapshoot.

As far as shooting forward into the future, i’ve read reports on that from people who claim to time travel.

They say it’s easier to travel forward than backward and return to where you are now, but it’s hard to pick the future the way you can pick the past.

Turns out that present decisions in real-time lead to completely different future scenarios. Randomization causes the future to be unclear beyond megatrends. There are many possible future dimensions, and travellers can jump into any of them.

There’s also that every decision we make in any timeframe spins off inherent problems.

One final thing:

I’ve read and been told that time travel accelerates age. This is especially true when you travel forward.

One traveller went back to the 1970s to retrieve a rare copy of a book they used to love, then travelled forward with it to 2014. When they arrived at their present, not only did everything feel wierd (a side-effect of time travel), but the book disintegrated via the travel. Somewhere along the line, their decision to steal a childhood book from their local library changed events in real time. By the time the traveller got the book into their present, it was unreadable. They said other things about their lives were markedly different.

For this reason, i was told don’t try to go beyond 50 years into the future unless you’re young unless you want to risk dying of old age due to travel dynamics. I was also told, when you go back into the past, try not to make too many waves in doing what you do, so as not to disturb your present timeline too much.

Now, this is all specuation, of course. But it makes you think. The laws of physics still apply to a great degree when it comes to time and velocity, and reflexivity plays a part in the results you get.


what is time magic
how does it work
will it change anyting in the future or present
whats quatrum jumping
honestly i am eager to learn

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Pick up a copy of Space/Time Magick by Taylor Ellwood. That will tell you how time magick works.

Quantum Jumping is a visualization technique where you travel to a realm where a version of you exists that has a trait you want to incorporate and you bring that version into yourself to absorb the trait.

In my experience, it is very similar to pathworking.


Michael Kelly’s Ægishjálmur goes into dealing with the time stream.


Ok, so I read up on some of Dr. James Ramey’s hypnosis experiments last night.

Apparently, he age-regressed a subject’s subconscious and changed their timeline in the past.

Then he brought them forward and emerged them.

Immediately, they began making changes in their life to realign to the new reality (which was a mental shift - his changes were very slight)

But still

When you change the subconcious’ understanding of life events, it takes that forward as a false memory.

So yes, technically, you can change the past, at least as far as paradigms and memories go.

Further than that would require time travel, which may or may not be possible.

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Anton LaVey changed his past. And very successfully too.


I’ve known a few practitioners who have visualized the past or their future, but I dont know too many who were brave enough to attempt to travel that way. I’m sure if someone practiced enough with mixing astral projection with the ability to look forward or backward in time it could work but right now I don’t think it’s 100% possible to sink that deep into trance.

I know you can see the future, but again I have yet to hear of people I knew or read their works being able to pull it off completely.

Time travel is an issue because you don’t lose your physical body in this time. As far as I know, no matter what changes you make it won’t change your timeline but someone elses. [Another version of your self probably.]

Science and Magick should start to be combined in the research / ritualistic concept.

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