Can you block or people block you from astral?

Here’s the thing… I haven’t got out

I know others who do

If I get out, definitely one of my first desires is going to be to go see people

And then I wonder if they’ve already done it and come seen me and I haven’t known

And then I wonder if I’m on the toilet or something or my place is messy etc :joy:

They can’t block you from the astral, but they can set up wards to prevent unauthorised visits.

And yes, if you do not have protections in place to prevent such things, people can spy on you in projection.


What do you use to protect?

Wards, servitors, banishing rituals, that kind of thing. Anything that will prevent unauthorised spirit intrusion will usually also prevent unauthorised astral projectors too.

There is a caveat to what I previously said. Someone could block you completely from the astral by binding your ability to project.


Well I know someone did that to me years ago during an exorcism…

Simplest way to undo that?

I just haven’t been paying it attention assuming it’s already undone really but it’s possible I guess

You have to exert your spiritual sovereignty and break the chains. If you have a particular deity or demon/angel you work closely with, they can aid you, but ultimately you have to break the binding yourself as no being has the right to force themselves upon you. If you are adept at energy manipulation, you can unwind the binding from your chakras. Your Higher Self can also guide you in undoing it.


At the time they had permission… but I’ve totally left behind those beliefs

I’ll ask my higher self in meditation

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