Can you bind someone who has protection from curses

Just wanted to know if a binding is considered a curse and would it not work on someone protected from curses

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The best way to break protections is to shake the target’s self confidence.


How do you break a protection ??

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You throw them off balance with some kind of mental attack, some trigger or insecurity. The trick is to bind them when they are in that state which the binding generally perpetuates or exacerbates.


thanks for the tips. would you work with a specific demon for that?

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Mental attacks to break self confidence or their “cool” is practically mundane. A combination of words, an image, a sound, a smell. The lowest hanging fruit are victims of PTSD; you can trigger their trauma with the above methods.

It helps to know your target; aquire skills to read people by living in dense populations and dating mental people. You will develop intuitions that can spot a person’s worst fears.

Once an insecurity or general vulnerability is detected, you make the appropriate attack. Unless the target is incredibly powerful, the trigger will disrupt its protections. Part of the binding should incorporate whatever is inducing the panic or other visible weakness.

If they are protected by a spirit during the state of weakness, it would help to know about that spirit. This is a matter of convincing the target that their protective spirit has abandoned or turned against them. This is easier to do during the target’s state of panic.

I would trust myself to break protections more than a demon, but it never hurts to have a little backup.


Short answer: yes.

A binding is not the same thing as a curse. But it depends on the curse, and you could argue that some bindings and curses get the same result so it doesn’t matter what the semantics are.

Also find out what “protection from curses” means. Not all protection are made equal. Is it a mirror shield, a ward, a positive aura, a takisman…? What powers it, what are the resonanaces.

You can get past anything if you know what it is.


Well he is using the master protection ritual from the gallery of magick book.

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whats a mirror shield?

My advice,from a authentic teacher, not mater wat he knw,use,always (use team work,) and all u can trust, he told me histories,and I was like ,not is possible, and whit weeks u can curse,first weak,then curse,and then ignore,

As a severe c-ptsd sufferer under on/off magickal attack…and a practitioner; I know how hard that hits.
But it only motivates me.

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