Can you become a demon or angel after Death?

If you die what happens exactly?
And could choose to become another being or spirit?

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If you believe in reincarnation than yes you can become one or the other after death or something completely different in existence. However, there’s many topics about this already.


Some spiritual currents don’t “believe” in an immortal soul and, in turn, some of these point out the task of making the soul itself angelical; maybe this wouldn’t still be immortality, but many centuries of existence nonetheless. The same may very likely be translated in a demonic paradigm.

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My pro tip is, instead of asking a great many scattershot questions, most of which would take several books by EACH of us to share our own experiences, and take you several years to read, you would do better to choose the one or two top goals and begin learning magick to get them to manifest.

Later, asking spirits about big questions like this will become more easy, and you won’t have to rely on things coming through the filter of someone else’s words.

I say that because trying to interrupt your studies with all these huge questions just slows you down, and also, takes you nowhere closer to really finding out the answers.

Please read this:


@Icarus_Fell hmmm yeah would listen to @Lady_Eva and focus on learning the basics and focus on what we were talking about like meditation practice to open your spiritual senses.


… which will lead you to being able to explore your own soul’s destiny over time, as well - better than anyone else’s second-hand experiences! :smiley:


But if i cant?
I have the feeling that i stuck i can study and mediate but Probalby never learn my soul destiny or who i am really.

Are you going to trust your doubts, which want to hold you back, or those of us telling you that focusing and studying are going to be worth your time? :thinking:


Magick isn’t about, you do a number of tedious things because you have to then you get your goal or you get “there” and everything’s sorted.

It’s all about embracing the journey, and the person you become along the way.

THAT is the true magick, as you develop yourself, like going to the gym - the point isn’t that you go to the gym then tolerate sweating just to reach the moment you get in the shower afterwards, the point is the workout, which develops your muscles via unseen and natural processes.

You become a different person through the exercise of self-control and determination.


Of course i want to listen to you Lady Eva.
And you have my highest respect for helping me.

But i experinced so much in my life from strange power to powerful beings which came to me and even aliens
Just the thing is time goes and goes i am 22 years old now and even i learned some things from the past where do i got?
Im here now on the forum and still no awnsers to my quenstion and now as some say i got good on Meditation but still cant talk with spirits?
Why it seems that i go forward but dont really evolve?

I have a feeling that the life which is outside of this human life will suit me much better?
I dont know if its because i am to impatient and frustated about this 3d life here and how it works or if its just my hardest test yet to live succesfuly a human life.

This is most likely the thing that’s holding you back you must learn some patience because things don’t happen over night. It takes time you have to learn the basics before you can do the more complicated stuff.

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But how do i even know when i am ready?

Because you will just do it. Instead of asking about it.

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I think life schould not be that hard.
Yes we are on 3D i know but still this spiritual thing seems to be very difficult here.