Can you be married to more than one spirit?

Just wanted to throw this question out there.

Can you be married to more than one spirit or are they usually monogamous?
Is there anyone in a polygamous relationship or in multiple marriages to different spirits?

I’m not married to a demon yet but thinking about it.


You have to ask them


Yes, you can be. Shamans traditionally had many spirit spouses. Of course, it is dependent on the spirits involved.


Yeah I’d say ask the spirits too. Some might have no problem with it, others might not be so fond of the idea.


Yes, it is possible but you have to let them know… Some are okay with the polygamy but others hate the idea. It’s honestly up to both parties in the relationship. :woman_shrugging:t5:


Yes, but each time you get married you will take on obligations and responsibilities. The spirit marriages you have the more responsinbilities/prohibitions/obligations you will need to follow. Be careful. Unless you have the financial resources to be a stay-at-home “wife” your spiritual duties can completely overwhelm your life if you try to enter into too many marriage contracts. You do not usually need to get married to spirits. You can work with as many as you like and remain single. If a spirit proposes you have the right to refuse. If you cannot guarantee you can fulfill your duties, thank them for the proposal and explain to them why you must decline the offer.