Can you be killed in the astral?

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Ecclesiastes 12:6 reads “Remember him–before the silver chord is severed…”

Many authors say that some spirit could kill you by cutting your astral chord when you’re astral traveling. Others that you can’t be killed.

Some years back, I appeared in the astral in some kind of temple. There was a big, muscular spirit holding a sword warding a door. As soon as I took a step, it appeared behind me and said “that’s the end of the line” (i heard it in spanish so it’s the most accurate translation). I holded the arm of the spirit where it was holding the sword and it grabbed me with its other arm. I was able to see my astral chord, a silvery-purplish chord. It seemed like the spirit was trying to cut it, so I willed to teleport elsewhere but as soon as the teleportation started it was kind of interrupted. So I started calling archangel michael and the spirit moved away and let me go.

I don’t know if I consciously went there but don’t remember because I was disconcerted by what happened. My gnosis teacher had suggested us to visit a temple of the white lodge.

How is it that so many of you go into the astral so confidently?


Its very rare to find something willing or able to kill you in the astral without actively looking for it, sort of like how its rare to be murdered in real life, theres always the chance it can happen, but its really quite low.

If you want my advice? Forget about the silver chord thing, it’s a weakness that can be exploited and really you should just not subscribe to that belief unless you’re of the belief that severing it won’t kill you or that it cannot be severed.


learn how to fight on the astral. everyone’s soul is obviously more potent and powerful on the other side and capable of DBZ level shit. get comfortable with being POWERFUL. also, using your newfound astral abilities to make some armor isn’t a bad idea.


^ Good practical advice there.

By not looking for reasons to be afraid in weird books from alien cultures, that have warnings against doing magick in the front bit, and threats of death and hell in them. :slight_smile:


Thanks for such great and encouraging answers.

I gave someone a limp once. I think it was permanent. Pretty sure I could kills someone, but it’s not really something I’ve experimented with much.

The good news is, most people won’t know how to do it.

I swear…once I start doing Soul Travel and I run into a fight in the various planes, I am going Fkn Green Lantern on someone and beating the crap out of them with my energy constructs.

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Approach the astral dimensions with caution damage to eternal soul can your damage meat suit and if astral dreaming/battle falling down stairs or from second story’s can result in death or serious injury!

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No. You can’t! Robert Bruce tried to break his silver cord. He failed.

Astral body is an imaginative body the you transfer you consciousness to. It’s not the SOUL that’s leaving the body.

If your astral body is destroyed you’ll simply wake up like you wake up when you have a bad dream, or you’ll create another astral body.


I don’t think it is imaginary. It is a part of your energy body