Can you be friends with a demon?

Besides worshipping and asking for help from a demon are you able to also befriend the demon like just hang out with them and just do idk what friends do


From what ive read yes. I personally have mever attempted it but many people.

I don’t worship spirits…at all. I ask for their assistance & guidance.


Yes. Demons have been my closest friends throughout my life and are more dependable imo than humans. I often invoke certain demons and only ask to be in their presence. I’m at a point now where just thinking about them can activate a psychic link but I still enjoy lighting the insence etc and speaking the enn, it really intensifies things.

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I had a great time with glasya labolas 25th spirit of goetia
He came ro me as small dog with wings

That was my first and last dream with glasya
His realm was calm and beautiful I really liked it

But he didn’t do his office (giving more occult knowledge)


Usually things like that come in mundane ways. You’ll stumble upon a book or a reference, or a person or otherwise something in the human world, that leads to more occult knowledge.



Yes you can, I am friend with many. My close one is Lucifer :black_heart:

I don’t worship them, I am working with them…

Andd I never heard about hanging out with demon etc… thats bullshit, they are too busy to be summoned and than only hang out with you like wtf lol :rofl: . I know tricksters do that thing…

The friendship which you can create is based on respect, working together and being honest to eachother. These friendships are worth it because you create powerful allies.

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No worship, period. EW. Worship is for the religious and a way to give your power away. I make a point of not doing that; I’m “spiritual not religious”.

I consider many entities friends. For one thing, I don’t insult them by calling them the name one despicable religion gave them to diminish them and turn people against them.

I don’t personally hang out very often, I’m a practical person, and there needs to be a reason for everything I do. Mutual enjoyment is fine, but we’ll be looking to gain from the activity - information, experience or skills.


I consider Lucifer a friend, yes I believe you can be friends with infernals, but friendship doesnt mean worship

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We sometimes make odd friends but I do this all the time.

Can a dog befriend a human?

@Zehir Dog ? You are comparing demons with dog?

Dremora, don’t be silly.
We are the dogs.
Don’t we have to perform tricks for a treat?

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Woaah we are not dogs too !!!
Why do you say that?


Because a Master implies a Servant, and even a Servant has a Master’s Bedroom.

Omg😅 ugh

Hmm of course it depends how you preceive the whole demonic working etc …but I defo dont feel like a dog at all…
Do you respect a dog ? No, because it is animal…demons respect us same as we respect them … also they are not our masters

But yea different person different opinion lol


Maybe you do not respect Dogs, but I do.


Interesting argument.

I respect animals too but as I said the comparison is not possible …

I dont know about your experiences man dont know how many years you worked with demons etc but yea …

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You are taking the comparisons too literal.
I am meaning that they have older knowledge as their time-spans are way wider. They may ask for rituals for us to receive boons, and in the end some demons dislike humans as some humans may dislike demons.
Other times, the become close friends and inseparable.

Then again, I try to follow non-dualism

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