Can you be drawn to a spirit who doesn't like you?

This is an interesting question I can say for myself because still my divination abilities are not up do date and I am starting to think that they will never be at least I need to know if the spirits I am working with like me,

I know that something led me into the occult for a reason and this is all for a reason I had a few succeses but still, I cannot feel whatsoever see whatsoever and as for the hearing there I am 50/50.

And I am starting to feel shitty and like a total noob asking you guys for help and guidence as if I am a little baby and can’t get things done myself the only time I felt something and saw something was in the dream I posted and one time I was on my computer and a thought about Michael came and I shifted my attention to my back and internaly knew he was there without a doubt those are the only times ever

#And something Fun with all of my shit :smiley: I think I atached myself some energy vampires or something and I can’t sense them not to mention ruining my life in a week, the good thing I learned it probably isn’t very good is I am starting to hate people you cant trust them and they wont think twise before stabbing you in the back my closest friends fuck with me it is like the world is everybody for himself and the more ruthless you are you have better odds at winning is that what the demons teach because I got that lesson

#I started working only with Azazel his sigil is all over my body and I try evoking him often and I don’t know I am starting to think he doesn’t like me or something and why the hell did I order the Black magic of Ahriman and the book of smokless fire are the demons leading me there or am I misleaded.

#And here is a story I think its relevant but dont know yet when I was buying my pentagram I coudn’t get one anywhere tried ordering from a dozen websites and nothing waited and waited nothing they said they will send it but sent nothing well I got a little mad went to the city and bought it :smiley: I wore it and the next day the thing fell it wasnt atached very well And I fixed it hardly this thing I know for sure it is a coincidence something didnt want me to get it it is either bad for it or for me

I am sorry for bothering you guys with my b.s but I felt sharing this I feel you like family. ^-^


That’s what a community is for.

Are you around someone and you just feel,for whatever reason, just drained out of nowhere, like you just wanna sleep? That’s how you know.

The thing about Azazel is that he will flat out tell you anything. So I’d just ask him.

I think the reason you feel that is the practical aspect of things. I normally don’t go buying a magickal text if I 1) don’t think I’ll be working very deeply or for a long period of time with a path or 2) I don’t feel drawn to it at all.

Did they tell you to buy it or did you feel like something wanted you to and when I say feel I mean like something about it was calling to you.


Thank you can you give me a tip what when I cant hear or see him what will he do to answer. Like how do you comunicate without hearing or seeing

Nine times out of ten he’ll lead you to something that will answer your question, like an individual just randomly talking about it or a website.

Thank you ^-^ I know about this way but many times I have been mislead its like I do money rituals and I get introduced to people who steal my money :smiley: the sex ritual atleast I got that right the first time it fucked up similary I don’t trust it anymore it is like a sign luring me and the fucking me over got that a few time it is as if it worked I am very happy thanking the spirits and everything I start following it and then baam burning to the ground again and again :smiley:

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