Can you banish from a distance?

I have a friend that is geting heavily attacked by some vampiric entities and he doesn’t know what a banishing ritual is. I want to do it for him but I don’t know how. Is there a banishing ritual that can affect from afar? With this Corona going around I can’t do anything for him.

You can do any banishing ritual from a distance if you have the intent and skill to do so.

Banishings, clearing energy, is one of the first things new magicians should learn how to do. They are easy to learn and practice, and there are a billion different ways to do the same thing. The fact that you guys don’t know how to banish, yet know that you’re being attacked by vampiric entities makes me cock a brow.

You can look up a myriad of banishings in all different flavors here on the forums if you do a search. Pick one that you like and practice it until you don’t need to read it from a page. Then practice it until you feel the energy move as you do it. Practice it until you can feel a shift in the power around you with just your intent to banish. Practice it then some more. It is going to take some time to really learn because banishings are more than just words and gestures.

If you don’t like the search results from the forum, you can go to google as well or pick up a few books on defensive magic.

Link your friend to a banishing ritual as well. Both of you should practice one and keep at it until you can effectively use the material. If you’re really into it, you can even research the how’s and why’s things are the way they are in the old timey rituals that can be pulled up in search. Understanding the structure of a ritual like the LBRP could be interesting and rather insightful.

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I know how to banish. It’s just he is not really in tune with all of this. From what he’s told me I can definitely tell that he is getting attacked by something. He all of sudden has anxiety attacks, he can’t sleep, him and his father are suddenly attacking eachother. I will have to teach him or show him some kind of banishing.

@TheUmbra i personally i dont know how to banish and the effect to be felt by someone but what im sure of is that you can send a spirit to do the job on your behalf. Invoke, evoke or summon a spirit on ask him to cleanse and protect your friend.

i got some list for you,

But also you can look on the posts that i have made there is a prayer and since your friend doesn’t know a thing about magic you may choose a specific deity for him and asks him to perform that prayer. Dont worry the prayer is not any how reflects abrahamic views. or if that prayer wont be suitable for you you can try this other version as well

another thing you can tell your friend also to start to learn simple banishing rites i found two books which their methods are really effective and i saw even in here these books were highly mentioned.

im not advertising anybody work but on this one there is master protection ritual you perform it for 30 days i did it myself and i can say it help to cleanse and protect your friend from anything. And the methods also its very simple also there is numerous protection ritual on that book.

another one is

this one also have amazing and effective rituals. I guess after helping him to summon spirit its time for your friend to start learning protection and banishing rituals himself. both books are beginner friendly.


Have your friend chant the banishing incantation from Kingdoms of Flame as many times as he can. It is an exorcism and will remove any energies and spirits:

He should chant is as often as he can, any time he feels an attack. Meanwhile, you should contact Murmur on his behalf, and send him to kill the entity attacking your friend.


I’m new but will do.

If you are not sure on contacting Murmur, another option is to pray to Saint Michael, the Archangel, and send him to destroy the beings.

Simply get into a meditative state,light a candle, and chant his name. Make your plea on behalf of your friend.

You can also do a petition.

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Ive heard good stuff about murmur so I think I will go that path. Are sigils the right way to go about this?

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Yes. A demon’s seal is the quickest path to contacting them.

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Will offering be needed?

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The jury is out on that. Some will say yes, you must always make an offering, and others will say, no, you don’t have to make offerings.

My advice is do whatever you feel is right. You can open the seal, give Murmur your request and tell him that you will give him an offering once he helps your friend, if you have nothing to offer right away.

It’s up to you, and the system of magick you work in. I personally don’t do offerings, so they are definitely not something that are always necessary.


Always appreciate it darkestknight. Thank you

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I use different banishing methods. But this is really a powerful method. It always works for me.