Can Working With Lucifer Increase Feelings of One's Self-Pride?

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As the title suggests , I’ve recently been working with Lucifer , and noticed that my feelings of pride (on my so-called accomplishments, successes etc) have increased and that I’d casually flaunt these accomplishments to my friends without giving much thought. I wasn’t previously care-free about sharing these things to friends.

Is this normal as a “side effect” ?


Yeah with success comes ego. Not a Lucifer thing but Lucifer does bring success so it he is associated with pride. Make sure you don’t slip into grandiosity. It’s fun to show off no doubt but when you start to fancy yourself a god you only hurt yourself Because then you will think you can do anything without being rational and practical. As the Bible says “pride cometh before the fall”. The best example is when Donald trump went bankrupt in the early 90s. He was doing extremely well but then he became irrationally grandiose. So stay grounded. Saturn can help with that.


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I think Lucifer promotes pride in yourself, in who you are, etc. Not the bragging kind. :wink: Nothing wrong with bragging. But I think I’ve answered your question.

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It actually happens to me all the time! Magic makes us see ourselves as above the normal people, which has some truth in it…


I’ve only been working with Lucifer about a week now, so I dont know what is normal, but I can tell you that for me yes, he does has a major effect on pride/ego. I’ve always been the type that I thought nothing I did was every good enough, but since I started working with him that has completely done a 180. I am sure of what I do, I dont question if I could have done it better or pick apart everything that was wrong with it. Its only been a week and I feel more confident, more sure of everything. Again not sure if this is the norm, it’s just my experience.


Working with Lucifer will increase your self-confidence and sense of pride, the good kind of pride, not arrogance! He is very much against arrogance, as it’s actually a sign of weakness and over-compensation thereof. He can teach you a LOT about your ego and its pitfalls. But yes, the good kind of pride, definitely.

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I feel confident after contacting him


Every morning go over things you are grateful for, and anytime you feel the urge to boast don’t. This will keep you humble. If either of these don’t interest you just know that nobody likes an arrogant person. It comes across as weak and repulsive. Ask yourself- when was the last time you were excited when someone was arrogant or to boastful?

Lastly- secret wins are the best

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I agree partially. The best way to boast is to have others do it for you. Win through actions and have others spread the word. It will make you look larger than life when others say good things about you. Winning period is the best. Makes no difference whether it was public or private you still win. Everything depends on the situation of course as nothing is the same.

We are better than most because we have power. But when you let that get into your head you will be your own undoing.

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That’s true!