Can we talk? Nope

I’ve been laying the groundwork to develop a working relationship with a spirit but all signs point to this spirit not wanting to work with me at all. I’ve worked with a number of spirits (mostly demons) in the past and have not run into this yet.

Has anyone else ever ran into this? This isn’t one of those things where I had done an evocation and our energies didn’t mix. It was more of they will not show up or have any contact with me at all. I’ve done some brief divination to confirm this. Just wondering if anyone else has ever had this happen?


An entity choosing to not work with you or show up is pretty common tbh.


I thought that was the case.

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Yes happened to me as well spirit Haures didn’t want to talk to me either. I plan to try again in the future. Sometimes that’s just the way the ball bounces. 🤷


Have you asked the spirit to actually “do” something for you and then they didn’t deliver?


Somedays were running on fumes… somedays were just half assed an dont realize it.
if no contact was made, bring more energy into it, step up your game an want it like your survival depends on it.


I hate you all! I’ve never, ever been able to hear spirits. I’ve seem them a few, sporadic times but that’s it. And you lot talk about it like talking to the neighbours. Shit, I don’t know why I continued with Magick (a prisoner of destiny?) because all I get is unbelievable sweats and my arm hairs at attention. That’s all I’ve got to know the spirit is present. How would you like it: motherfucker sweats and stiff arm hairs?



Al, its nothing special its just like exercising a muscle you forgot you had.
some people need it exercised different, because everyone is an individual not a mass manufactured item.

Ever had someone say a sentence to you an it made zero sense?
Then someone else says it in a different way an you fully got it effortlessly?

Kinda the same,

EA Koetting has two books Evoking Eternity an Questing after visions I recommend to everyone fighting this issue. they go together perfectly.

However if you want you’re welcome to pm me an we can talk more in depth if you wish.

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Yeah man you’re totally right about this. I find if I do a half assed job or if I rush too fast through the process connecting is wayyyy harder and of lower quality. Real true man.


I haven’t been able to make solid contact. I tried an evocation after some preparatory work and some other thing tried coming through instead. I shut it down quick and banished.

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Didn’t half ass it. I learned that lesson early on.

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What made you shut it down real quick an banish?

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Not buyin it Uncle Al! I’ve read your posts and you get results! WGAF if you can see or hear or talk to them.

I need results not a therapist to talk to. I don’t need verification of their presence via appearance.

It’s like when my ex wife use to yell at me when I didn’t stop everything I was doing, turn and look at her, and acknowledge that I heard and understand that I need to cut the fucking lawn.

I heard her and the lawn got cut dam it…out!

I need Belial to cut my lawn!


It took some work for me to be able to hear them and it is not audible. It’s more like telepathic. Sometimes it’s just flashes of images or feelings. I have been seeing spirits since I was a kid. Not fun to often. Have never seen a demon physically, only in my mind.


That damn lawn :joy:


The entity didn’t answer my questions to verify it’s correctly and the energy in the room got real weird. It was off an intuition took over.

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Learn a form of divination- like how to swing a pendulum. Then, after the ritual, swing it and ask yes/no questions. There’s some amazing tutorials here if you don’t know how.

Do that after every ritual and keep a journal where you record EVERYTHING that happened during the ritual and the results of the pendulum swing.

You’ll start seeing patterns- the things we are attuned to are different so it’s personal.

Ex: “Was Ronove here tonight?”
Ex: “Did he accept my request?”

Then, of course, the most important part is “did u get what you asked for?” That takes time sometimes…

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Ahh I follow this better now,
Curious though, what would happen if your intuition didnt take over?
You are fully capable of removing anything that could be threatening to you.

an back to the effort thing to reply to multiple things at once,
I dont know about you, but for me effort is kinda interesting.
Most days I do what I need to do effortlessly an casually.

Other things sometimes have me screaming into black in the middle of a field or on the floor exhausted. it really just depends on my intent. maybe some of that can relate to this situation?

I already uas a pendulum. It’s consecrated and works fairly well. After using one for so long it helps you be able to communicate with spirits easier I find.

Cool- so then if you get a “yes” swing on the pendulum, reflect on the evocation…goosebumps (like Al :rofl:)? Noises in the house? Voices in your head that didn’t seem like yours? Distinct smells?

These all will alert you to what astral senses are stronger than others.
Then…go to work to develop.