Can we see demons? And talk to them like face to face

How do we even know OP is alive? He could be an A.I for all we know.


If the demons are real they should appear and talk face to face if you summon them cut rest of bullshit

If people are real, they should come talk to us face to face, not behind an avatar. The rest, cut the bullshit.


So If I call you, you will appear in my room? Or else you are not real?

Lol that’s so naive.

So a Christian calls God and he appears?

C’mon man…

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But demons got super powers and can hear ya when you summon them unlike us

Why do they need candle and symbol bullshit? And why would all powerful demons serve us for no reward?

So your suddenly an expert on what demons can and cannot do?

Who’s us?


He’s a collective intelligence, not a human!

He’s part of Jewhovah’s crowd!

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I’m not an expert that everyone knows about demons

Electricity was real and harnassable for centuries prior to someone grabbing it through a kite. No one knew. It can’t be seen until a light bulb turns on. It’s still there. Someone said that magick is just untapped science or something like that.

Us talking on this forum, every time you read a book, is telepathy. Thoughts are moving directly from my mind to yours without us speaking. Does telepathy scare you? lol. It’s happening.

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I mean why would they serve humans for free while they can do anything in universe

Well read and research, this forum is a wealth of knowledge otherwise don’t accuse others of being delusional because you can’t understand. Good bye.


You should evoke one and ask. That’s a great question.


@Lady_Eva MIght wanna check this out


Indeed let us cut the bullshit. @Lmarwan your very next post had better be right here.

As you’ve been asked to do twice already, otherwise good bye.


hey With your supernatural claims we can change the world demon power yo :+1::+1::+1::+1:

Trolling aside.

If you doubt the reality of demons, put your doubts aside and actually summon them yourself.

You won’t be convinced until you actually start to seek your own answers.

And you won’t find any closures until you get the experiences or information you want.

You can’t really become satisfied by by expecting to have forum members solve all your doubts.

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