Can We Get Multiple Wives? (Polygamy)

I was wondering if spirits can help you get more than a partner, like three or even four. It’s not that I’m into this idea or planning to do so, just curious if it’s possible.

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I for one am totally convinced by this. :+1:

On-topic answer, probably, they can help with attraction, whether that will make you happy, who knows. :smiley:


Standard practice in the Middle East - if you have the money.


Well, the author S. Rob has a book on polyamory love spells that could be of use for this kind of goal.


In think attraction is not enough to secure marriage, agreements and other stuff can make it happen easily? maybe who knows? :open_hands:

True :+1:

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I think that depends on the type of woman you are seeking for wives, the spirit you get to help you, and the magic used to gain said wives. You’d be surprised how many couples I know that have a purely physical love, and make it work for marriage.


You mean a love that based on physicality attraction?

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I mean love that is based on fcking, which usually means they are attracted to each other physically primarily, yes. I have a few sets of friends, that are married, sleep together, have somewhat great relationships, but spend zero to no time together outside of the bedroom, and essentially have their own hobbies and friends and things like that.

Intimacy on a true level, in my mind doesn’t seem to exist to in these peoples relationships, but they are quite happy and don’t seem to crave that deeper emotion.

If you cohabitate well, don’t have a deep seated emotional need for your spouse, and have amazing sex… I guess it works even if it’s not for me.


I call it FAKE LOVE.
simply because your partner is just a toy/machine you use to fill/feed your sexual desires. If there’s no emotional need, then it’s just a simple low-level relationship based on desires, no need to fake your emotions to seduce and get what you want like a tricky wolf.

Soulmates should be connected both physically and emotionally, helping each other to fulfil all needs and desires, and serving each other equally in all aspects.

This exists for soulless people.

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I was not under the impression, that this thread was in relation to a soul mate type relationship(s).

I do not believe individuals are soul-less, and most of these are vibrant, life filled individuals who simply know what makes them happy. My definition of happy is not meant to be yours, anymore than theirs is.

Edit: Honestly they are all less judgmental than what you’ve given me here, when I was merely responding to the questions I saw asked. It is not my job to judge someone else’s morality.


Yeah I understand.
I think In a polygamy relationship it is almost impossible to reach the level of soul mates in terms of the connections and so.

I recommend you read this book then. The author has two soulmate wives.

It is free to kindle unlimited users, and quite useful on the topic of Auras, even if you don’t agree with his approach that 3 is happiness.


attraction is basically the start, marriage is the end goal, you can’t jump right into marriage unless it’s bought or arranged. Polygamy is often started by attraction outside of those aforementioned reasons.


Me too. Words can’t always interpret the message that comes out of the mind and the execution is not perfect. You are more experienced than me and know better. Hands down :raised_hands:

I agree with you and I would never judge their morality in real life, but when we try to share a disagreement in thinking we throw such words.

Maybe, but I would rather agree personal/initial terms firstly.

No-one can do that, I mean you’re in for a rocky time if you think they can IMO… :thinking:

You’re asking another human being (or several) to literally exist for and about you, while you do the same for them, that’s not how life works.

Our parents and grandparents marriages lasted better because they didn’t expect their spouse to be all things at all times, they saw them as the man or woman they loved and built a future with, a team of two, but not this kind of “you must always be all things and only have weaknesses I find attractive.”

People go in expecting their spouse to be their very best friend, parental figure (yet young and playful) and also of course soulmate, and wonder why it all blows up.

But people suck - you suck, I suck, your loved ones all suck, so do mine. Men think women suck (metaphorically :laughing: ) and women think men do, it’s the nature of life that we all have sharp edges and weird personality traits that start to grind on you after a while.

Accept that fact, find someone who can get you hot in bed, ideally psychologically as well as just their looks, and who you share basic values with, and ideally a hobby or some other interest.

But that joined-at-the-soul stuff where they have to be everything is a modern neurosis IMO, based on never fully growing up and developing boundaries.

It’s the same as parents who try to be best friends with their kids, instead of actually parenting them.

If you go into relationship with your head screwed on, you’ll get closer over time, instead of everything after the first honeymoon euphoria being a let-down.

Factor in the “people suck” stuff, remember it also applies to you, and be a bit more realistic is my advice, you’ll end up far happier once the first few-months-to-2-years flush of the new has worn off. :man_shrugging:


Guy goes to a Magician and asks for a love potion that will make women fall in loved with him. The Magician agrees. The young man asks, ‘How much?’ The Magician says, ‘Free! But you once you apply it it’ll keep working!’ Guy takes bottle and covers his whole body.

A few days later at dawn the young man is back, desperate for the antidote. Women of all ages want him, especially the elderly. All the accusations that ‘you think more of her…I don’t get anal anymore…you don’t care about my feelings…’, whilst he’s laying down, trying to catch his breath, semi-comatose with severe sex strain, living the life of a walking/talking sex object. He can’t go anywhere without seductive woman touching him.

The Magician says, ‘I can fix that, but it’ll be expensive!’



polygami hurts women and children. Why do you want to hurt women and children?

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We dare to dream, we dare to be very ambitious, but of course we should also be realistic. I never meant to treat my soulmate like a programmed robot doing my wish and to-do lists. I expect my partner to have freedom of will and decision, the freedom and the right to be who they are, a human that has weaknesses, flaws, ups and downs. A human who could get moody and who could change his mind and neglect my needs. No surprise, that’s given. I’m not expecting perfection because I myself perfectly imperfect. I accept it as I accept my flaws and forgive my self-mistakes because I feel.

I understand your point, but my intention and my view is clearly the opposite. It’s a misunderstanding, I’m sorry because I didn’t explain my point the right way it’s my fault.

Granted. I totally agree.

This is a clue that women and men have a natural gravity between them. Sometimes it’s good to suck and it’s good to be different because that way we can learn how to perfect that connection and how to improve understanding of each other. She sucks, and he sucks, because if she is to be part of my life (and it will be so eventually) she has to be better and he has to be so.

I take your advice to my heart, gladly and gratefully :smile: :+1:

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