Can we as Magicians work towards a single goal of Elimination of the Grey Evil?

Can we as Magicians and Sorcerers from all systems and teachings work together to eliminate poverty, the destruction of the natural environment from industry, business, pollution, poor urban planning, find missing persons from all over the world, bring back the middle class and heck even bring enlightenment to all human beings including those born without conscience who later became psychopaths in their lives?

Every one of us has been truly handed down the power of the Divinity from the Divine Providence or from our liberated selves as promised to become living Gods from Satan,Whatever our paths may be,I believe we all can agree we seek for the betterment not just for ourselves but for our world and our surroundings as well. I honestly believe we can make the world a better place if we work together. If you think about it, we’re all superheroes in our own Divine way commanding legions of angels,demons and planetary intelligences like those Buddhist monks with inhuman powers from elementaries alone.

Thanks in advance, Koetting. I hope to join your boot camp soon to practice with you and the best of the best within your circle. =)