Can thought intiate pathworking?

This question might have an obivious answer, however I am interested in your thoughts about this. Recently my thoughts have turned towards Lucifer and my question is if I am thinking about this amazing spirit could this put things into motion for a potential pathworking or working with him in general?


At most, it establishes a tenuous connection with the spirit, but it doesn’t initiate anything. You would have to make a conscious decision to do so.

Thousands of people everywhere have thoughts about Lucifer. He’s in everything from television shows to comic books, so if thinking about him was all it took to set things in motion then there would be a lot more people having experiences.

Ah ok…the past two days Lucifer has been on my mind and even as we speak about him my palm and my chest fill up with warm, soothing energy. Today when I came home from work I found this in my home over the door threshold of my living room

Note: I had not brought this into my home on my footwear as I always watch wear I walk nor do any objects like my cusions or pillows are not filled with feathers and I don’t have any pets. All my doors and windows were locked. What is your take on this?

Frankly, it could be anything. Feathers are ubiquitous.

If you get an energetic reaction from thinking about Lucifer, meditation and reach out to him. Ask for an obvious sign that he wants to work with you. That way you make a conscious connection, and can be assured it’s not all in your head.

I am just looking out for signs synchorisity. Atm I have a candle magick spell working to attract great abundance of wealth, money and spurituality. I created two sigils from Saturn’s Planetary grid and carved them into my candle. One for money and one for spirituality. I was just wondering how that feather had got there.

I will be doing some energy building meditation shortly. I will try what you suggested to see if a connection can be made. I am in two minds myself thinking was it in my mind or is it for of acknolwedement on his behalf