Can the spirit entities

Start your path with them before you even know it? I ask because I lost mostly everything that i cared for in 2019 such as family and work and my mood was rock bottom with depression and anxiety going into 2020 and I had No one to turn to such as close people in my life as I had none.
I called out for help and I had urge to communicate with deities and spirits other than Christianity. The reason I ask is I read that they destroy your old self to rebuild you better ?
And I felt really destroyed before I knew them. Since I have known them I feel much stronger and happy and have hope again. So is it that they set my path before I knew about it?

Yes, it is possible. However, whether that is truly what occurred with you or not, is something you will have to discover for yourself through your work.

It is far easier to simply blame negative life circumstance on “the spirits” (or the elites, or the aliens, or the government, or the [insert conspiracy trope here] ) than it is accepting that, sometimes, shit just happens.

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Yes I understand you, I didn’t blame any entities , I also just thought shit just happens. But then I’m in this position now that thinking back those things were blockages and must be destroyed to be made new. Back then I felt like a machine. Soulless. But now I feel much better and more hope. I’ve put my question to Belial as I have with the forum. Thanks for your reply


Yup , these things are usually predetermined

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Thank you