Can The Spells From Grimoires Stop Working?


She evoked the book New Avatar of Power, and the book’s spirit mentioned that its time has gone and thst the spells and miracles no longer work. However, the poor thing still mentioned that its rites still work well, so I’m confused.

What does it means for the rites to work but for the spells and miracles to fail?

When this happens to books, can you reempower the workings?

Why does this happen? I thought that the currents and spirits behind magick and the power of the magician should help to empower any working, no matter how old.
Honestly, I don’t like the idea of spells from old books kicking the can once something new comes along, because I do believe that there is value in practices that have been lost to time. Furthermore, this shouldn’t actually happen on the first place if the book shows valid ways of working with magick.

Another thing, I’d like to give NAP some energy, just becuase it looks so sad :pensive:

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Seems to be some kind of accretion, I saw a post about this recently, basically my take on it right now is that if magick is human mind linking up to their Godmind (the All, whatever) and using spirits/archetypes to do so, it’s not unreasnable for this to get kinda clogged like using a chimney, by the mental clutter of people.

It also seems like “reality” (the mass-observed spacetime perception, that runs along probablistic lines under certain rules) can heal itself when someone starts breaking the rules, and prevent the same from happening too much.

Just ideas, obviously warding that area against forces that enfire “order” can help, as can using the same location in your own perception (time of day or year & geography) to work, to weaken the fabric.


That risk is due to certain spiritual influences, thoughtforms… If different types of practice are possible, it would be very important to search scientific or even mechanical models which may work always. Break down magical acts, identify causes/effects… Luckily there are already good things like, for example, visualization training.

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