Can the LBRP stifle your astral senses

reading the Goetia illustrated with pathworkings by Carl Spartacus, the author claims near the end of the book that doing the Lesser banishing rite of the Pentagram can stifle your astral senses.

I think I would categorize that as UPG. Personal bias against a ritual itself or specific elements within the ritual can lead people to manifest weird things with magic they are not comfortable with. It is kind of like going into evoking spirits in a state of fear for the being you are trying to contact.

Does the author give their reasons or any sources as to why that may be the case?

Anyway, the LBRP has been a staple ritual in the Golden Dawn and other organizations, helping initiates learn how to visualize and raise/direct energy/banish all at the same time. Its a magical formula whose elements have been broken down extensively within books, debated thoroughly online and in person groups. It simply works.

As part of my path, I have been going back and looking at a lot of the original sources and rituals used by well known orders. I have been practicing the LBRP nearly every single day since I started. If anything my practice has grown stronger, not weaker. Mind you, I already had pretty open senses before I started, but I have not degraded or anything.

My advice to you would be take what you read with a grain of salt (especially new authors who peddle books for a quick buck). Anything. My words. Authors words. Until you experience what they are talking about yourself. Then you can verify it for yourself, and have your own UPG. Putting out there ideas that can cripple potential readers practices and fill them with worry is not the way to go. What does the author gain from this? Well, you will exclusively learn their system more and not look into the kinds of magic and rituals that started it all to begin with.


Its my opinion that that claim is bullshit.


very helpful thanks.
I been doing a version from:

Which also includes a middle pillar exercise, but changed it up to vibrate the angel names too.


The Middle Pillar is a great exercise.

Those are both good versions to start out with, if not overly simplified. Such as those spheres you visualize while doing the middle pillar represents different Seperiot (I murdered that word sorry) of the three of life: Kether, Daath, Tiphareth, Yesod, and Malkuth respectively.

So the angel names you are vibrating (for the Middle Pillar) are Metatron, Elexarpeh, Raphael, Gabreil, and Sandalphon? If so, I would like to know how you personally pronounce the name ‘Elexarpeh’ (because I struggle even reading it lolol).

If you are curious about those rituals more Israel Regardie has an amazing book (I really like all his books mind you) called The Middle Pillar that breaks down those rituals even more, exploring the symbolism and even giving ideas for alterations, etc.


That link has sources attached to it xD

That is a great site!


@Ryce I been pronouncing it as Ele-Zar-Fee

@Alakir if you follow the link it shows the pronunciations for the god names.

I’ve got the first two memorized, now for the end part, remembering to say it four times.


Ahhh I misread it I thought you have replaced the god names my bad.

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No, only thing that can really stifle your “astral” senses is lack of practice or if something or someone tries to seal them. LBRP has really nothing to do with your senses a way you can do it with or without the need for your clairvoyance.


Now if I can find a similar exercise to help with clairaudiance, lol

scanning is a means of working on your clairs, seeing, feeling, smelling, smelling, and in some cases tasting energy


Thanks, I need to work on that