Can the Law of Attraction help with my PTSD?

I have been suffering from PTSD due to a rape attack that happened about three years ago. My sex life has not fared well from it. I really want to get intimate with my boyfriend but whenever we get in the mood I have a flashback. I also have a fear of being around people with cigarettes because my attacker stubbed out his cigarette on my thigh after he was finished. My boyfriend is really supportive and understanding of this, sometimes I feel like I don’t deserve him. My triggers are; sex, feeling trapped and cigarettes. I also feel uncomfortable when people say ‘it’s not fair’ because that’s what I thought when I was attacked, although it’s not enough when I have a flashback. My boyfriend had the idea that we use the Law Of Attraction to help me. He would say things like ‘I’m so happy and greatful that my girlfriend doesn’t feel triggered by sex’ and ‘Thankyou Universe that my girlfriend feels happy and unthreatened by me.’

The thing I wanted to know was, will it work? Somebody said on another thread I made about the validity of the LOA was that it’s harder to grant wishes than The Secret makes out. I am also getting therapy but I really hope the LOA can help me because I don’t want to feel like this forever. I really want to get intimate with my boyfriend because I haven’t had sex in a long time and I really want to do it with him. His son, who I love dearly, also loves playing hide and seek, which I can’t join in with because I don’t like hiding in small places. I also don’t want to cross the road if I see a smoker. This PTSD is taking over my life, can I fix it with LOA?


I don’t know if this will help but I had more in mind that maybe you should ask for sexual healing with the help of a spirit and also mental healing instead of working with the law of attraction. Don’t get me wrong I think the LOA works but your problem need deep healing and I think the LOA is only helping over the surface so maybe a combination of the 3 would be great.


No, I would say the “Law of Attraction” stuff will not help you the way your boyfriend is trying to use it. The experience you went through is a deep psychological trauma, and it will take more than just your boyfriend saying a few affirmations to solve the issue. Plus those affirmations you listed are for things he wants. They won’t affect you at all.

I’m glad you are in therapy, because the members of this forum cannot dispense medical advice. However, knowing what I do about psychology and how the mind works, any kind affirmation has to be done by you for you.

Here’s what needs to happen if you want to use affirmations: You need to formulate some affirmations of your own, and start programming them into your mind. Be very careful though, because a well known requirement for dealing with trauma is having to experience it over again.

I highly, so very highly, recommend talking it over with your therapist before doing any sort of thing at all. Affirmations, and afformations, are all well and good, but from what you have described, your boyfriend is trying to mask over your trauma with fluffy feelings, and, as some people know too well, buried trauma will come back and bite you in the ass. It has to be dealt with, not avoided or painted over so please discuss it with your therapist about using affirmations and such. They may be able to help you formulate proper statements that will help you heal gently, and not suddenly force things up from your subconscious.

Calling upon a healing entity, such as Raphael, or Marbas, or Rantka, can help as well.


Yes it would help. But only as a secondary way to raise your vibrations or mental-emotional state from negative to positive… and focusing on what you wish to be. The main path to recovery, in my opinion, should be seeking professional help from an experienced and specialized psychologist.

Spiritual help from spirits - especially female demons - could also be very helpful. spirits are masters in inner transformation… not only physical manifestation.


I also want to add that not long after my attack I engaged in a lot of casual sex. I wanted to have lot’s of sex with my consent because it felt like I was in control. Ironically now that I am in a loving relationship I find it hard to do it. I think this is because my attacker was a friend and somebody I trusted and not a stranger so being in a similar situation after being taken advantage of reminds me and makes me close up.

have you ever heard of memory regression?
It’s one possible teachnique to get this fixed completely.

Get a safe spot where you feel comfortable
-like your meditation space or ritual space.
If you don’t have one of those the place where you read most often would be a good alternative,
if that’s not an option go with a comfy chair.

Go into a meditation like this:

You focus on your Navel,
becoming warmer and heavier,
and warmer and heavier.
While your head is becoming clear,
chilled and relaxed,
your navel becomes warmer and heavier,
so you can feel a little magma-sun inside of your navel,
that builds in energy and pressure,
making your body very deeply relaxed,
so it drifts away into deep sleep,
yet becoming warmer and heavier.
Your Head is now of Ice,
colder and clearer then it ever was.
Your Body is now of Fire,
Warmer, and sleepier then it ever was.
Now pass the small magma-sun down from your navel through your ovaries.
Pass your frozen memories through the top of your head out of you,
residing a few centimeters above your head.

Place the thoughts out of your head in front of you.
Place the Emotions out of your belly underneath them,
in front of you.
Now drift a feew steps back from them.
So you gain overview.

See a warm, happy sunny day with your Boyfriend, where you’re happy about him having had a beautiful night with you, and you are happy about having expierienced him inside you without any discomfort, but pure joy and pleasure.
relax viewing your future self there, and taking that newly created memory, you place it in a small place inside your body, where you know it feels right to be there.
From now on, you know where you stored this specific point in your own lifetime, and you can access it by tapping onto that point and letting that memory flow back into you.

Now you look at the place 3 meters below your self, under the earth.
You find yourself in your past, in the situation, with that guy taking advantage of you.
You feel the sensation of wanting to step in, and do something about it.
You want to get away from it, yet you calmly reside where you are.
You look exactly at your younger self, and go into her, while keeping your place in the shadows.
first, you ease her pain, and ground her into the clear and sheer unbelievable trouth:
She’s not alone in this suffering.
You ARE with her, right now, right there and then!
You surround her, and fill her with this tranquil safeguard,
making your younger self protected from the impact of what’s happening,
like you would protect your child.
You start telling her what she can do to get out of that situation, and empowering her to overcome the attacker.
You watch as the situation changes and you expierience seeing yourself something which wasn’t in your memory until now:
Your younger self takes courage and fights back.
Get’s him off of you.
Not stoping there.
Knowing that she has just taken courage into her own hands.
Knowing that no one will ever be able to judge her on what happens now.
Taking advantage of him!
Starting to hurt him,
scratching his skin,
ripping out his belly and his eggs and penis,
so he will never have any sex, forced or wished,
so he may never re-create and be forgotten out of all time.
Ripping open his chest,
biting a mouthful of of his heart and spitting it into his face.
Finally, cutting off his arms, and cutting from that arms his hands,
so he may never grab anything anymore.
He has lost any right to touch at all.
You step on these parts of him,
laying under your feet and cut of his head.
you poor out of his head his eyes and squash then under your feet.
He may never look at you again, and will never see you.

Now you see all that darkness and vile justified wrath drifting away from you.
Becoming calm again.
There’s new strength, where once was fear.
There’s Certainty, that this can, and will, never happen again.
There’s safety, in knowing to be able to defend yourself and knowing you aren’t alone even in the most isolated nightmare.

Now you go to a river.
You wash all of the unwanted memories away.
What keeps left, is what you desire to be strengthening you,
and as the darkness became shimmering gold, you feel calm and safe.
You could go on and have a beatiful expierience with your boyfriend now.
But since you feel so relaxed again, and strengthened by your new empowerment,
you watch yourself play hide and seek,
and having a beautiful expierience no longer being scared in any traps

  • as you can break free from them now.

Take a last glimpse at you playing with your boyfriends son,
and come back into your currrent body, which was meditating and creating this new lines of reality for yourself.
Which fell into a deep trance, and left the room you’re in, back and away,
There you come out of it, floating on the expierience, being very truthful and clear:
This has been overcome, by now!

Thankfully you look at yourself, being grateful for having helped you out.
You thank the Orishas and LOA, who guided you to learning this.
You thank your boyfriend for being understanding and respectful,
as well as patient.
You thank yourself,
for knowing, by now,
that you can overcome any obstacle you may encounter,
as you’ve overcame yourself allready.

End of Ritual.

Well, after that you can actually talk to those close around you about the expierience, if you want to do that.
Or you keep the alteration inside of you, and watch how the world around you starts to change, as you notice the new truth drippeling down into reality, as you just created it.




what’s the law of attraction!?
A simplified version of “how to manifest”! :wink:
It’s written to exclude religious dogma, while funnily claiming tremendous amounts of “this famous person, and that famous person, where doing it”

  • Sorry, all i ever seen in the law of attraction was advertisement without product. :wink:
    The principles are true, yet they are a lower version of evokation. :wink:



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I don’t disagree with you on the fact that it is a simplified version of “how to manifest” but if it’s just to focus on the same sentence and feeling it without working on the roots of that problem, I don’t see where it’s interessant to only do that LOA thing. I think there’s an evident difference on having a spiritual support who will assist you and talk with you / advice you and the fact to just try to attract something to you.

She need to heal the root.

But besides that your definition is correct.


Oh sorry i didn’t point that out:
I agree with you,
that he’s selfish there and wants his desires to be met.
I formulated in the ritual i described how to empower herself for herself,
so i didn’t consider it to be mentioned again. :wink:

i focused on her saying she wants to overcome it, and this was what they have up for it until now.
in terms of deitys to support you, Astarte, Ma’at, Lilith, and plenty others can help you transform your life even more then what i offered here.



Thanks for everybody’s advice. It really warms my heart to know people care.


I didn’t even seen it since I just came back because of your notification I can’t read it now but will later could be very interesting if it’s in order to empower oneself. I hope this will help her a lot.

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I know this may sound … weird. but think about it, maybe it helps.

You need to keep the romance out of your mind while you’re preparing to have sex with your boyfriend. Focus on sex… not the relationship. The physical attraction between you as a woman, and him as a man. Keep your emotions sexual, not romantic. Get excited about it from that point of view and raise your vibration… have fun. Remember the casual sex… ge that mental and emotional state back… if you want to use the LOA then that’s what you need to have from it. The emotional state. Feel it very well … use visualization if you have to. Then practice on recalling this emotion when you want. Play with it… whenever you’re free, relax and recall it at will. Feel it, enjoy it… then let it go.

With practice… you would be able to master it and when you do, you can use it whenever you prepare to have sex with your boyfriend.

You can use a Sigil and charge it with this emotion… then keep it where you can see it. Hide it in plain sight, if that makes sense.

Emotions block the mind from thinking… so focus on your emotions, get excited and raise your vibration and all those thoughts, fears and weaknesses will run away. But all those are secondary ideas to support your main work with your professional therapist. And to avoid any conflict, it’s better to check with him or her before you do any of this.

I hope so too.
I know it’s based on working princibles,
it should also be written in a way where she only needs little adjustments to fit her exact situation.



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good point.

Boyfriend point of view.

I think she gets enough of that input in her daily interactions with him.

she want’s to be able to feel safe in it again.
To let go and feel good by letting go.
becoming a master of an skill isn’t something i’d encourage you to do here, pegiiJune_Limberg.



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I agree of course… but you can’t get to the top if you’re not powerful enough to take the first step. My idea was to get her to pass this mental-emotional border… once this is done, she can take it from there to anywhere she wants.

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I am so sorry that you have had to go through this, it is horrible. You were targeted by someone and it’s not your fault in any way shape or form.

  1. Cigarettes - if you smoke, stop but you will have to find a way to desensitise and realise that a cigarette is no more than a cigarette. It does the person who is smoking it more harm than you - remember that. They are the ones taking in arsenic and cyanide, slowly, slowly killing themselves.

Is there still a scar from the cigarette burn? Have you thought about about some kind of skin treatment something like bio-oil or a healing ritual - tell you what - look up on YouTube Veronica Isles and her burns video - she used the LOA to heal her facial burns.

The alternative is to take ownership of the scar if it is there, and if you sort of thing and cover it with a beautiful tattoo that celebrates you - personally I’m not into tattoos BUT if this is something that you are doing for you, it’s your design, your colours, your essence - you are saying I have come out this - I have survived this and I am strong.

Alternative 3, find a helpful doc who’s good with moles and skin tags and say you’re concerned it’s a mole or a quick procedure and then treat it well.

  1. Can you cope with using an elevator? Again you need to desensitise yourself because you may end up working in a building and walking 20 flights of stairs can get old. You might need to deal with that.

You say about playing with his son, do you have any cardboard packing boxes? I know this sounds scary, but you start with a room, try a broom cupboard, on your own first and make sure you can get out, and then a large removals box. The next stage is try with the child or pet - it won’t do anything to you, it’s safe, and make sure you have light.

Effectively you are playing a game called sardines - look it up. You do it in stages and you only go as far as comfortable.

A good way to work out how comfortable you are is to work out a scale - 0 really happy no discomfort 10 the worst thing ever. Don’t ask is it less, more “what has changed?”

It will take time. It won’t be instant.

  1. Sex - this will be the tricky one. This is where you need to work out what your feelings are about sex. Clearly it needs to be addressed, and 3 years is not really that long a time to heal.

PTSD Visualization: for trauma relief & healing (Spoken Meditation)

Trauma Recovery Theta Waves Meditation Music With Binaural Beats Healing Frequency | Good Vibes

Be aware that LOA is a huge area and there are specialist forums on this area.

Just be wary of memory regression in that unless you have someone who can guide you through your issues - you might have something opened up and not be able to heal that or come out of it in a good place. The idea is that with any therapy that you come out of what you are doing in a good place.

I hope some of my response is useful to you.


bless you


As DarkestKnight said, I don’t think it will help. Only way is to get rid of your psychological scar. When you can recall each and every bit of memory of that incident with any weird/uncomfortable feeling.

One therapeutic meditation for things like this is just sit in meditation, recollect all those horrible memories and when that weird/uncomfortable feelings come, don’t push it back or panic, instead just FEEL IT completely. Once you can handle it /overpower it instead of being overpowered by it, it won’t bother you anymore.

Through this technique I have conquered my demons, demons bad enough to give sucidical thoughts from the age of 9. It works.

Also activating a sigil of raphael, stating it what illness you want to be free from and then wearing it permanently will surely help. Most likely it will direct you to the right treatment, mindset etc.

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