Can the higher self lie or construct alternative realities?

As some of you might have read already I’m communicating with the Beloved ( a living person) either through flame meditation or through something similar to Vashikaran @ElectricDragon but without the mantras.

I think that is what I am doing as I am not in direct contact and quite frankly attempting to explain why I am contacting this man would be too weird and long winded to go into and not what this question is about. All I will say is that there is a connection; I reacted by creating my own connection but this goes back way back whenever before we were both born this time around.

The question is this - we have conversations, or rather a rational person would observe a nutter talking to a photo and responding to it. But when we respond from the physical lower self (which could be either truthful or deceitful) what happens at the higher self level - is it equally truthful of deceitful when responding?

Today’s question from the Beloved was not a particularly pleasant one and it brought up/dredged up a couple of people who’d tried it on with me BUT hadn’t succeeded in bedding me - the Beloved seemed to think that I had actually had relations with these two individuals at some point.

I don’t know where this came from or why these two individuals seemed to be the focus as both are over 20 years ago and neither were relationships or one night stands or anything to me other than one being an acquaintance of my then husband and the other a creep who worked with me.

During this conversation I actually stopped and wondered if I was constructing this whole thing myself but then was pulled back by the Beloved.

I know this all sounds totally nuts, believe me - it’s mad to me as well, and I have actually wondered if I’m bordering a psychotic episode.

The other thing is that I was going to stop the communication and do a banishing of energies but then got distracted and carried on. I’ve also had a lot of shivering and not felt his visits for three nights though he (as has Duke Dantalion) assures me that he’s been. I’m wondering if coming off pain medication is causing this as well.

Your thoughts if you have a moment and have done anything or experienced anything similar please?

Thank you in advance.

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Le sigh, my child ma chere you are far from mad. The higher self vs the lower self… Something I personally deal with all the time. The pain meds will cause you some extrasensory confusion, yes, but that may be why you have missed your Beloved’s visits of late. What I can be wholly assured of, however, is that YOUR higher self will not lie or speak falsehoods- there is no need. This, however, is not entirely true of demonic or egregorious entities, merely humans and other spiritual energies not born of thoughtforms. I pray this helps ye some.

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Thanks for the response

I think I need to clarify that the Beloved’s HS did some digging into my HS and dug out a couple of names to present me with. Deep Joy.

I’m totally shocked if my HS has constructed relationships with either of these characters and then the Beloved has picked them out to say see look at those two - who were they??

Hrm. Your higher self can create alternate realities by branching together two or more existing ones, kind of like splicing plants together at the stems. Its completely plausible that the others mentioned are from this conjunctioning, but I would say it is most likely they are real people your spirit is contacting. I hope that was helpful to you, and I hope I got your query right. Sorry if not.

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@HermesHorse If you had or hadnt had relations wid those people you talking about, whatever the truth is tell your HS the TRUTH. It does not matter its right or wrong, if he wants you he will still be wid you :wink: Maybe do a ritual to reveal the truth to him in some way. I cant say about anything else.

Looking at a photo and saying stupid words might be a nutty job, I dont blame you for not liking it. If you had been single as long as I am and a fucking introvert (it really sucks sometimes), this nutty thing might be your SAVIOUR :wink: I have stopped worrying what other people think about me :slight_smile: If something gets the job done in getting me what I want, I will do it; It does not matter how NUTTY it is :wink:


I instantly like you.

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I would rather my spirit did NOT contact TweedleDee or TweedleDum thank you. Yes they were acquaintances, both were somewhat odd, one hung around a lot, the other pointed a loaded firearm (do not ask) at me for a ‘joke’ on two occasions.

I don’t have any images online of myself that I’m aware of, so neither can have anything to hook onto and my name has changed a couple of times.

Wondering how to overwrite this nonsense in my HS as it’s a liability if it’s constructing this BS and the Beloved is somehow accessing it as verbatim truth.

It’s like an incorrect entry on a credit record.

@ElectricDragon - Oh it gets better, it was as a result of a Rosier ritual that it all came about… Before that it was candle skype on a honey jar sitting on a biscuit tin lid on an ironing board altar - glamour and dignified worship personified!

Yes, we did talk about it and I tried to explain who they were (minus the oddness and firearms incidents thing), think the Beloved’s HS is a bit insecure and had a dig around - how did his HS do that when he denies knowledge of the comms side of how to initiate a chat with me? He doesn’t know what I look like exactly (again don’t ask - it’s as weird as it gets - and no I’m not stalking him).

This and more will be answered in the next episode of…

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Insecure person is the best and worst detective :stuck_out_tongue:
He will go where none is wiling to put his foot into :wink: if he cant find something real, he might make something up :stuck_out_tongue:

All I can say is, Be honest and be yourself. Don’t apologize for anything. Also, help him see the truth as it is.