Can’t understand this Rider-Waite tarot reading

I have someone who I hanged out with and thought was my friend but he betrayed our friendship by openly insulting me on two different occasions and laughing in my face. I asked the cards is he jealous of something I have so he hates me? Here are the cards I got:
Card 1 symbolises my question: The Fool
Card 2 represents obstacles or supporting influences: The Wheel of Fortune
Cards 3 and 4 presents your hopes and fears in reference to your question: Knight of Wands and The Sun.
Cards 5 and 6 offers additional information to be considered: Two of Cups, reversed and Ten of Swords reversed.
Card 7 suggests an overview: Death.

Could someone help me understand what this reading is trying to tell me?

Usually the fool represents new beginnings but in this situation I believe it represents “foolish behaviour” as the Fool is bold and uncaring. Maybe naive thoughts from your side even?

with the 2nd card of obstacles and supporting influences Id say that the Wheel of Fortune is a card that basically says “it was meant to happen”, as; if your friend is representing the fool- is not mature enough to understand friendships and tosses that around easily.

Card 3 & 4 are that you have hopes still for the friendship but at the same time when it comes to fears that the other person might be too bold/brash/impulsive as the Knight of Wands suggests

Card 5 & 6 basically mean that this is a painful break up that should happen in order for you to move on

Card 7’s overview is that this is a change for you

I’m sorry to hear for your former friend’s actions, I wish you the best of luck for the future


In a yes/no question the fool is a yes. The Wheel of Fortune as the obstacle could mean that they are jealous of your success or your literal fortune/luck. Maybe they think you get all the luck in the world and they struggle. Knight of wands and the sun as your hopes and fears: Knight of wands could mean that you want this situation to change for the better with the sun meaning you hope for continued friendship. With the Knight you could also be afraid this friend could take negative action against you.
Two of cups for me means communication/ wanting to express emotions. Do you want to talk to this person about how you feel? Ten of swords reversed could mean that if you talk it out, the pain and stress in your relationship could be resolved.
Death means and ending is coming one way or another.

I agree with @curiousram and @THEKING readings :+1: