Can’t open this site with WIFI help?

This is the only site I can’t open with WIFI right now I have no idea why. It started happening yesterday. (I use my phone)
I can only access the site with my mobile data and I’d rather not use it too much since I don’t have a lot of it.
I restarted my phone,deleted data/ history etc and still it doesn’t work. it’s only BALG not working. everything else works fine with wifi.

I can’t access it through my ipad either it just says ”safari can’t open the site because the server couldn’t be found”

It can be many things. Right not, most things are affected by slow-down of data. So many people using Netflicks, Amazon, etc… That ALL data is affected. I will respond twice.

All right. I live off of the mainland US and I can already tell you my data is screwed up, royally. I DO understand it from different angles. (I work in IT). It took me all day to download < 12 GB of data on WIFI that’s supposed to take less than 60 minutes for that. Pipes are only so big for EVERYONE, regardless of what you pay.

I cannot access BALG from work, as they use a combination of certificates and libraries that are not accepted in the browsers (they are strict). This will be the case with any Internet provider, whether WIFI or cellular. I access it at home, since we are in lock-down status.

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Good afternoon. Have you tried changing your DNS server addresses (use google as an example) or using a VPN?


It works again. didn’t do anyhing but now it seems to work.



Make sure you save it as an app on the homepage for easier access

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