Can spirits turn into human form?

Can spirits turn into human for whenever they wish and eat like humans can?

Yes and no.

Spirits don’t have physical bodies, but when the magician sees them, they can take whatever form that’s desired, including a human.

They only interact with the world like a human when they have a human host.


No. The reverse is possible but not physical, or it’d stop being a spirit, it would only be human and the question of it having been a spirit in the first place would nary be impossible to prove even if you saw with your eyes, how would you sound telling people this?? :thinking::roll_eyes::crazy_face: Yep.

I meant temporarily. A demon wants to go to the earth plane. They turn into a human form and do what they want. Then they go back to the spirit world after leaving their human form.

Yes, spirits if they are powerful enough or located in a weak point can manifest physical bodies. It is all a matter of vibration and energetic mass. Things such as teleportation of objects, people and animals are also possible though it is quite rare to see it happen and of course happens only when very powerful skilled beings are involved or weak points in three dimensional reality are present.


Uh they can’t go there. They can inhabit a host body, most people have entities anyways nearly from birth, but demons cannot to what you suggest. Prove it to me then, if you can, I don’t just believe what I read, I’m a skeptic and science is more believable than most religious ideas, imho.

Yes, In Hindu tantra most spirits can. There are I think 7 or 8 levels of manifestation according to shaiva tantra, and most spirits in that tradition manifests in 5-6th level , that is either you can completely touch and feel him like any humans do but other’s can’t or they will be so physical that they can pick a glass of water and give it to you but while you can see him, other’s can’t. So you can easily ask them to take complete physical form too.

If the spirit is powerful or if the method of evocation is strong ( there are many ways of evocation, not just asking him to come using rapture state ), then it can happen in the very first attempt of evocation.

Now if the spirit is weak but you still want to give it a physical body and take it to your family for dinner then you have to know how to work with either - Earth element or have powerful visualization to materialize a physical body.

I know of an extraordinary yogi-tantrics who creates around 50 semi physical servitors and gives them task to chant 50 mantras and after they attain those results of chanting he absorbs all of them to get their results. And the next day/weak he does the same again.


Yes it can.

spirit cannot take any form because they dont have physical bodies, most of them are earth bound they usually search humans for pocession or used by magicians.

Whereas, the demon can shapeshift and take forms of animals or human

so there is difference between demon and spirit, hope its clear

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As several have already said; yes and no.

Yes, they can either incarnate by permanently possess a host or by temporarily possessing someone by ritual.

No, they can not poof from the spiritual realm into physical existence.