Can spirits heal otherwise permanent afflictions ? I have ADD/ADHD

If they are able to is it permanent or a temporary healing ? I don’t have health insurance and I hear the medication can affect your magick.

It’s starting to affect my work a little bit, to the point where my peers / low level supervisors keep pushing me to quit.

Just feel spacey and bored at work so I day dream and don’t pay attention sometimes.


Over time, yes.

There are experiences of instant healing for physical ailments, but for psychological healing, it tends to happen over a long period of time because the mind is much more fragile than the body.


I would say yes though it depends on the condition and the individual involved. I know some genetic disorders can be fixed or treated in such a way that it might as well not exist. I have more experience dealing with flesh though and the energy bodies rather than mental. Though with a lot of mental conditions training and conditioning the mind will usually fix them once you get the initiative up to begin and stick with the training.

Why don’t you get a job that’s exciting enough to require ADHD for a person to be good at it? Then you’ll be the star employee.

If it’s physical hyperactivity, spirits will only bring more tragedy because they’re the complete opposite of physicality. You’d be moving further in the direction of thinking there’s something wrong with you. Happiness and success will come from getting yourself out of diagnosis mode (where you identify as ill), valuing this maligned part of yourself as a blessing (silencing the critics), and transitioning to a new environment/lifestyle/reality that’s a custom fit to who you really are. Right now you’re trying to fit yourself into someone else’s mold, and that’s the cause of all your problems.


They told us to change ourselves if we wanted to be one again. We didn’t all agree. We have dissociative identity disorder.

With attention deficit disorder your hyperactivity may effect your work but not your magic. If your looking to solve your disability medications is not the answer. I would try to gain stability with completing each task assigned, think and meditate to calm yourself don’t rush anything and think it through, you can help yourself by just slowing down.

If you want a healing ritual my best recommendation would be try Marbas for health and healing.

From the Daemonolatry Goetia by S. Connolly:

“Uncovering secrets, causing and healing illnesses, and mechanical arts. Healing and cursing (obviously). Invoke when studying mechanics of any time, including mechanics of the human body (i.e. medicine) to retain and learn more. Invoke Marbas to help you see truth in any situation.”

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I don’t think you understand . I work construction so I work with a lot of hardasses. While I’d love to make money being a musician I still have a couple of obstacles to overcome and I need a good job to fall back on / in the mean time.

It’s not as cut and dry as find another job. I don’t like having to keep hopping companies like I am now and I want a raise. I only make more money now because the company offers a lot more to boot.

I’ve been doing scaffolding a year and have like 2 solid references who I know will put a good word in for me.

All this hard work for almost nothing in return much less respect.

You know korns song falling away from me ?

The chorus line is my life at work everyday.

Literally beating my body into the ground

Nevermind going to the gym to lift anymore

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Ok, well it’s a process to get the life that’s right for you and it’s not easy.

I haven’t had income for about 5 years because I’ve been transitioning to a life that’s a custom fit. I lived in the homeless system for 4.5 years. My last job was a call center, and I quit with nothing else lined up so I could be a mystic because that’s the only thing that’s supportive of my personality and unique characteristics. I still have no idea how I’m going to make money from it, but I’m sticking with it because I know eventually something will happen, and I have no other choice.

I eventually lost what I had in the homeless system too so I tried living in a train station. I’m not physical enough for that so now I’m back with abusive family. My task here is to integrate their dark characteristics so that they are no longer a threat. I imagine once I’m done with that I’ll be able to build my own life.

And even this is with the 24/7 help of Satan. But what I’m saying is, if you’re really physical, you don’t need spirits, they’ll just hold you back. I only need spirits because I’m not physical enough to do things the normal way. I don’t have body power or people power. All I have in my life is spiritual power. I would imagine that with body or people power you would get much quicker results because that stuff is actually part of the physical plane, where jobs/housing/money are. Spirits don’t really have anything to do with that. They’re more for if you need to drop out of society so you can be contemplative, like in my case.

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We are so alike. Its not easy being us.