Can Spirits Create Servitors?

I suppose I should define a servitor:

A servitor, meaning a functional magic entity created by way of chaos magic. Something that can operate like a spirit but is more of a machine than a personality.

Now for the story.

Driving with my brother today, saw a black round object that kept moving around my car and surveying it from the clouds. Pulled over and made my brother drive. I decided to soul travel to the object, which set off an alarm and the thing darted from me. I struck it down, and as we were on a bridge at the time, it fell into the water. I sent a spell of mine to decode what type of entity it was and enjoyed the rest of the ride.

An hour or so later I call up the spell for results, and, what do we have here? Servitor. Surveillance.

So, I need to know if an entity can create servitors, or I’ve attracted a human opponent.


Yes, they can, very strong ones as well. Speaking from experience here, but I’d rather not give details.

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Huh. Alright! Thanks Lady E, if anything this just got quite a bit more mysterious.

As someone who created an entity that can create other entities, I will say, yes they can.

Anyway looks like you still have lots of opponents, could belong to any of them from freinds of the guys you ate, to the illuminati or even the skinwalker ranch entities if you have tried to mix it up with them yet.

Haven’t been to the ranch yet so I’m going to say that’s not the source, unless I’m getting triple teamed? Lol, that’d be funny. Avengers, illuminati, and stupidly strong skinwalker ranch entities all out to get little old me.

I’m impressed at your ability to soul travel. You just switched seat in the car and traveled within second and fought with that entity without your brother noticing anything.

Congratz !

Why is it that you’re always under attack?

The Eye: Yeah, since I don’t T/G anymore and use other sensory inputs more than sight (though sight came in useful in this encounter) when soul traveling, with the help of some constructs, I’m able to soul travel pretty much on demand. I can’t get the physical reality thing to stop switching itself, but was lucky this time that I actually got it.

Euoi: I piss off all the right people with my arrogance. I’ve found that I personally become stronger if I devour an entity and gain it’s power, rather than learn from it. So I’m always ready and hyped for a fight, and there are some spirits I know of that are just too happy to oblige.

LOL Forget about becoming a living god we should all aspire to become a living Sevarn. In just 7 months you’ve learned to soul travel at will, fight of multiple magick attacks and devour spirits. Hopefully you can team up with EA, show him what you can do and see if he’d be interested in releasing a how-to of your accomplishments. I’d like to see the methods you’ve used that have caused such rapid success.

I was about myself to propose Sevarn to suggest EA to be part of his team for the incoming soul travel course since he has amazing results and can soul travel as easily as I say hello.

I honestly think a huge part of it is my drive and sheer luck of getting help from an entity as interested in my Ascent as Nidhogg. Also, I’m nowhere near EA’s level- he’s probably gotten into godforms, he’s gotten possessed I’m guessing, he’s done massive things with the fabric of reality that I haven’t even bothered with.

Maybe one day, after I kill my first god, I’ll release a manual.

And hey, if I am part of ANY “Mastering: ____” course, it should damn well be vampirism because by the time such a thing gets released I’ll be pretty damn powerful by then.

If the Illuminati were after you, you would no longer be here.

Don’t doubt me, DGLN. I’m rather capable. Besides, I’m sure they have bigger fish to fry, and if they send little things to get me, I can hold off easily. I’m no huge threat to humankind. I don’t offer change. I want power, and power I WILL have. Whether they want me to or not.

I would think that an organization of that side had more enemies both spirit and human than to turn and deal with me.

And Skinwalkers I haven’t even tried to piss off yet. I’ve stayed out of their way, so why the hell would they come on by when I’ve done nothing?

In short, I’m not your average joe, DGLN. I’m pretty damn good at securing myself. There is no defense that cannot be penetrated but no attack that cannot be defended against. And since I’ve built my Walls, I haven’t a penetration.

Evokes George Takei

“Ohhhhhhhh myyyyyyyy”