Can spirits be ticklish?

A friend of mine astral projected to my house. He is very ticklish in person. When I sas his body in my mind’s eye I ran my hands down his belly and thighs. He was wriggling and squealing like he does when I tickle his body. Ticklishness is caused by the central nervous system which you don’t have when your soul projects. Is this really possible?

It’s possible because the astral is heavily influenced by the mind so if he believes he is ticklish in astral form, then he is.


“soul projection” technically isn’t really the soul projecting, however, with clairs involved energetic senses can cross over to the physical.

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Wow that’s really interesting. Can you tell me more?

About what?

About astral projection.

My view on the astral is different, to me it’s a Plane of collective unconscious or imagination, thoughts, fears, emotions, all manifest there within its wide spectrum. These thoughts and such form thoughtforms which I reject the idea that they are real living beings. Meaning, thoughtforms are “real” within the astral but they cannot venture out of it because other planes thoughts are not physical manifestations so they cease to be. However, due to the astral being the collective unconscious they can manifest itself though the use of manipulation of the individual’s perception, their mind. Only case I view a thoughtform as real is if the creator actively ‘fragments’ their soul to give real life to the thoughtform so that it develops into an actual entity, I do believe people can still meet in the astral and this is where I feel some occultists adopted the idea that they can create life because to them their thoughtforms are real living beings with feelings but those feelings are just what they learned or took in with the thoughts and such that went into their creation it’s not their own feelings or thoughts and it doesn’t become such until the fragment thing I mentioned. I view the etheric and the wide spectrum of said etheric as the actual “spiritual plane” where humans and no humans such as Gods, Demons, Angels, and such exist.

Wow! Deep!