Can Spells be Recinded by the Caster?

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If a spell, (either beneficent or baneful), is cast with sincere intent, given a change in circumstance, may the progenitor of the spell either recall or stay its course, or must they initiate particular action to reverse or check the effects?

Possibly. If the spell is effected through means of an entity, going to that entity and asking it to break the working with offerings should be sufficient.
Otherwise, a spirit will have to be called inthat was originally involved in the work.

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Thank You for the insight, Euoi

This begs yet another question for me (perhaps better addressed in a separate thread):

In the working of Magick, is an intermediary indispensable in bringing to bear the necessary energies to achieve the desired result? Being generally accepted across the wide spectrum of practitioners that humans produce and emit energy which affects the same ethereal medium in which discorporate entities wield preponderant influence, would the marshaling and intentional focus of ones own spiritual puissance be sufficient for most spells (albeit lacking the potential potency afforded through allied force)?

I appreciate your judgment, and will post this as a new thread if you think it more appropriate.

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Thjat’s the idea behind things like poppet magick, and other sympathetic magick where an object is used to direct the force; also the idea behind every form of direct magick, most notably the stuff that comes under the category of Law of Attraction & Sceince of Mind, and also A O Spare’s method of making and firing off sigils.

There’s a lot of magick that doesn’t require any other spirit to be involved and having used that a lot, I can attest that it’s not less powerful, depending on the circs and a variety of other factors of course!

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In reading the various posts on this forum, I was noticing an emphases on soliciting aid from supervenient spiritual forces that is somewhat greater than that which I witness during my White-Light tutelage. As I progress in learning from more accomplished practitioners, they seemed to lean further from envisioning particular entities and closer to the idea of “Source”, one that encompasses even human spiritual potence. Though allowing that aspects of it may be conceptualized to facilitate focus on a particular purpose, they nonetheless admonish that, if taken to extremes, the simplisms achieved thereby could prove counterproductive and limiting.

The Handed Paths being a new area of study for me, I wished to learn more concerning this difference of perspective, and I sincerely appreciate your generous guidance.


Crowley wrote of a consistent invocation of ones Holy Guardian Angel. As I understand it, invocation is asking this “angel” to possess you. Through this, you would be charged with the entity’s power. With that power residing in your chakras, you then dictate your will. This would penetrate the astral plane with a much greater force than if you were just on your own. Each entity evoked bears a certain function. Now, whether you believe that the entity is possessing you and you are performing the work through it’s power, or whether the entity is obeying you and performing the work on it’s own is really a matter of semantics, in my estimation. We can’t really know for sure either way. I would say that every magical function evokes entities one way or another. This would be whether you are supercharged with an entity’s power through invocation, or evoking the entity directly to perform a task on your behalf.

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As a response to gvgjbune’s post and only to my own practice, why not do both? In my own belief sys. I adopted the practice of invocation before evocation. Now its definitely not a necessary thing to do especially if you don’t have the time to do it. I use various meditations / visualizations /invocations ultimately to infuse myself to then evoke under the mindset of “like attracts like”. The invo. acts as an immersion process, and it attunes you what your trying to commune with. Not needed but I feel more in tune with what I’m trying to commune with and achieve my goals.


Gvgjbune and Keez,

Your insights have given cause to further reflect on this matter, and for this I am grateful. I know from past experience that energies (of any nature) tend to harmonize in the presence of one another. Perhaps invocation may well be viewed as an invitation to other entities (both in- and dis-corporate) to join their energies in a synchronization toward a given purpose.