Can somone help?

Okay so here it goes…
I’m new cant claim to be anything of any sort related to this forum? I am however crurious by nature amd that’s what got me here. Long story short i tried to call upon a sex spirit ( And again im new so please hold my ignorance against me in terms of correct terminology or really anyt buing related to this forum) and while it didnt have any physical results and i did ask for reslect and i would give equal respect back, i really didnt know what to say so thats what i went with
I even wrote a letter tol Lilith, not using blood though. I did however feel some pressure on my chest and that has been about it. What’s interesting is that i found a couple different who said the same thing while roogling ( random googling). What hooked me was that i didnt look for those results until after i tried it, again jm curious and so it began. I never really had anything physical in nature occur, i have had things start to progress over the last few times. Side note. As i feel its. Important part of the story i must say i was high everytime i have attempted this. I have only made two formal requests and after that it happens, as far as i can figure, when im willing. Its always late at night. At first kinda dismissed the tingling and weight on my chest as anxiety maybe, i didnt have anything more diffinitve happen until l recently. And on that note, i have been able to, how do i put this… feel energy? I dunno but the only way i can describe it is jus th like that. I have asked to see the spirit i have called upon and once in while i may cstch s glimpe of something but again nothing definitive enough to be absolutely certain. So last night was crushing some nba2k18 when i felt pressure as if a kind of energy me was nudging me. Enough to where i, out loud, said okay 20 more minutes and i’ll turn it off, jn my mind i felt like whatever it was, was prompting me. At the same time and the only to describe it is like if you could imagine strand of a spider web floating across your body and sticking. That was proba bbnly the most physical in terms of actual " proof" i had so far. And i was high but i must put this in only to be vedy be very clear. I am aware of my state of being as it relates to being high, I’m 100% certain it was not becuase of that. I d ok wonder if it does brjng to a kore a wss are stae which may prime me? Dunno just thinkkng as i type. Ok so get into the room and turn off all the lights and set my alarm for 6:00 and 6:15 wake up. I work a job with a unigue schedule so i work weekends sometimes. As soon as i hit the bed it really seemed as if there was more going on in my room. Figures, dsrk in nature kind of in the corners, i suppose in my peripheral and whenever i felt something it would seem to hover over me or i could feel pressure on my bed as if they were crawling up. Now i really have tried to focus whenni feel weight of any kind so that im not believing or dismissing something and while i havent had anything like a huge weight guve it away i feel as if it has been enough for me continue. This kind of goes on for 20 or so minutes with nothing concrete taking place. I mean i didnt feel anything physical. So i youtubed a incantation ( i really have no idea or knowledge if that should havd helped or what) to kind kf jump start things. I have used them in then past with very little felt. Now the one i used did say caution powerful. And i believe it said something about bineary beats? Anyway as soon as i put my head phones on i felt my bode vibrate as if the beata where stimulating every nerve in my body, i would say maybe a 7 out of 10 if i were making an assumption, albeit not much experience to compare to but i felt it legitmaley, it felt like whatever was taking place was as if someone turned up the energy in the room as if were a thermostat. I have to say it caught my off guard and my first emotion was fear. I calmed myself down and wrote it off as nerves. Nothing sexual was taking place but visually i began to see a ball of energy floating and kind of whisping over the top of me. I reeached for it and it gently pulled it into to and i legitimately felt something like energy enter me. Nothing sexual just that. My senses were very hightened because this was the most that had taken place and i was a little nervous. I must say i didnt feel as if it was negative at all. However and this is the part that has me concerned my alarm went off, it was 2:03 am… i set BOTH my alarms on my single alarm unit like i stated previously at 6:00 and 6:15, so if it wsas 2:03 am and both my alarms were going off at the same excat that it was 2:03 am. It obviously concerned me and but i didnt stoo. I did take a break from the incantation to try snd makw sense of it and my desire to have actual intercourse out weighed my want to stop. I wont into detail as to what happened physically becauae im not sure if its appropriate but lets just say as i was laying on my became welll i was definitely at attention. I had asked if i could recieve oral and i would recicprocate, well u cant say i felt it enough to be absolutely certain but enough to immedialtely get me ready. Now thats pretty much it as far as the act. I have asked " are you here with me" before and feel like i can hefe whispers but its like i really have to strain to here it which makes it hard for me to be certain but enough for me to write it off. But lsst night i could a guys voice and it was still low but it was legit. So thats kjnd of where i am and have a million questions but will ask as iget responses so i dont ramble. Please any help would be better than me trying to figure out what us happening as i feel like this was mh first definitive experience.

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Well you already know you’ve made contact. There are many many posts on here about incubi/succubi so just read up on them. I have an incubus myself. Make sure you write with paragraphs when you make a post, I was highlighting your lines while reading this to not lose my place xD


Okay and ghank you for the help. But should i be concerned about my alarm clock? Can i achieve something greater in terms of physically with a different entity and how would i go about it?

Succubus and Incubus don’t really give Physical results, it’s not the same as normal sex.

Need to work on opening your third eye to see them.

Not in the idea you have. You’re not going to get the same experience you would have with a physical woman or man. Just do some research here, ask questions on what you read and it should help you get communication going between you and the spirit you called.

As for the Alarm clock, you’re going to have stuff like that happen when dealing with Spirits, kinda par for the course.


Many claim sex with spirit is 100 times better cuz they stimulate each and every nerve in your body and also the astral body.

Seeing a spirit is not a matter of joke, it’s hard even for the experienced. Spirits can shape shift, so just use your imagination and the spirit will most likely take clue and follow from there.

Also be aware of your energy level, many spirits come as lovers but are nothing but energy vampires.


Okay and again thank you, could u recomend somewhere for me to start, sinve im looking for something more?

How can i b more aware of my energy level? Should stop using the youtube incantations as nd look elsewhere?

Search this forum. Also watch the video I posted.


Do you know how if its possible to use the service they talk about?

He provides it here on balg. It’s in the For Hire if I remember. Just remember there won’t be any “give me oral and I’ll reciprocate”.

Thank you, and i meant no disrespect. What do you man though? I just really wasnt’t sure that it was honestly real… im kinda confused and have a bunch of questions really. Would you be up to talking about this it all? Or maybe you know someone that wouldn’t mind?

I don’t know if you disrespected the spirit you called. I’m just trying to get across to you it won’t be like any physical experience you can have with a human being so asking for things like that won’t work.
I’ve seen a few guys say they expected a woman to climb up on them and couldn’t figure out why it wasn’t happening.
Just use the search function on this forum and you won’t regret it.

I linked the person I know of who knows quite a lot about this already, he does talk to his viewers but I’m sure plenty here have great advice so don’t be discouraged.

meditate every day, once you do that, it´ll be easier to go to the astral plane, and there you can feel your succubus in a direct way and have sex with her, remember to be patient


Id like to have someone who really knows what there doing helo me out. Is that possible on here?

Yes, some have already given you help.
What did you exactly want someone to do? I ask just for specifics because we talk to each other on this forum so if you Look It Up, you will find many who know what they are doing who have made posts.

If you want what is in the video I posted there is a section on this forum that is “For Hire” work where you can get this done for you at a cost.

Im having a ahrd time finding the for hire section. Im looking for someone thag knows what their doing ad i dont, for a summoning

Found it, i didnt realize the cost, o’ll hopefully find someone on here.

It is against the rules for people on the forum to offer paid services, and we are all pretty busy with our own magical lives, so the chances are pretty slim someone will do a ritual for you for free.

Ok, thanks.

Can you recomend a video on on the astral plane?