Can someone teach me how to connect more with Asmodeus

Hi does someone have a good bond with Asmodeus.
Ive seen him once, and he´s made his presence noticable alot of times.
I´d like to become more entwined with him but i have no idea where to start.
So if you all have tips on how to bond with him specifically itll be well appreciated.
Sometimes i hear him and sometimes when im in a dangerous situation he takes the wheel over. (fights, police, etc)
But is there a way when i can just talk to him whenever, whereever?


Maybe you can profit from some infos: he likes sex, feasts, fire and red wine, also to be called (for example) Chashmoday. His occult vibration is violet, he detests iron. Possibly over time your communication with him will extend.

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I had found reports of karezza meditation to be a good way of connecting, seemed to work well for me …

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