Can someone scan my home for weird energies?

Is it possible for someone to please scan my home? I’m not sure if I’m sensing something very subtle correctly or if I’m just being paranoid. But for about 6 months now, it seems like my home is in a constant state of entropy. Something like being stoned-- comfortable, but fatigued and forgetful. I’ve watched visitors find themselves forgetting to leave on time or even begin an important task.

I’m not going to give further details at the moment to avoid influencing any comments.

Thanks for your time

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My gut tells me it’s you.

I dug beyond what my gut told me.

Why are you selling these services if you can’t answer this question yourself?


I haven’t been on BALG nor updated it for a while. I haven’t done anything with my shop in months. It’s part of why I’m asking for someone else’s objective insight.

I was doing really well and was probably at my most “in-tune” regarding my astral senses. I had gathered supplies and was planning on evoking Marbas for the first time. Right about then, I got sick with what I thought was just a standard migraine and the lethargia it typically has on me. Except the lethargia never went away and something always came up when I tried to magically cleanse my space. I’ll have a thought to do divination or re-do my wards, but I feel foggy and somehow forget about anything magical or spiritually-related for a while.

If it was just me experiencing drained energy and forgetfulness, I wouldn’t be here asking for help as I don’t trust my senses very much right now. @Nomad

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Well, if that’s the case keep in mind without clearing and protection entities tend to stick to you if you’re open to receiving then through readings, which you were. It’s doubtful they’re attached to the house, unless you specifically made a portal.

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I can scan your home, if you’re currently home I can use you as a focal point.

Also how have your dreams been?

I wouldn’t say my scanning abilities are great, but here’s what I got. I got the sense that something tends to reside in the corner of a bedroom adjacent to a door to the hallway. The bed was located opposite of the door. It was trying to avoid me. I tried to find it through this hallway and caught a glimpse of something tall, skinny, shadowy, and hunched over a bit. I’m trying to be as descriptive as I can be so that you can determine if you should use my scan or not. If something doesn’t line up, you should probably scrap it and use someone else’s scan

I don’t do the whole scan thing, but I usually work good with photos. You could PM me one of your problem areas…

In general though, someone once complained my home had similar issues and recommended putting bright colours in. I bought some cheap and cheerful bright Deco (Mexican colours. nothing pastel / tacky :grimacing:) and did a TON of energy work. Which worked! Bright colors were a big kick in the right direction.

I’d go for incense, mopping with Van Van, LBR and probably some dowsing to find the source of the issue. Pretend you’re a client :wink:

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