Can someone safetly watch evocation outside the universal circle?

Can friend of mine who’s very mundane in mentality and spirituality safetly sit in the darkness outside of my universal circle and observe my evocation without risk? Should that person be in their own circle or other means of protection? Wondering what some of the other balgers have done in similar situations. This is someone who is curious but not a 100% believer of a magickal and spiritual realm beyond his everyday vision. He may also block the energy I guess as well. Any input is appreciated.

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Just evoke something that won’t automatically assault him :+1:


It really depends on the entity being evoked. Some do not like impartial observers. In the book of Azazel, EA was told by the spirits that no one interested in the Lake of Fire ritual could just observe but had to take part.

What is the reason for the evocation? If you are doing it just for your friend, then maybe do an initial evocation of the spirit beforehand and ask if it is okay for your friend to observe.

Another option would be to set aside a triangle outside of your circle and evoke the spirit into that. That way the spirit will know what area is set aside for it and will materialize there, without troubling your friend.