Can someone please scan my room and tell me why it feels so negative when I am alone it in

So I tend to have to stay up all night cause I feel a bad presence. It has even happened once or twice using the day. Yes, I have saged before. I have crystals all in my room. What is this all about? If anyone could help me I would be forever greatful. It feels like millions of eyes watching over me. Also I feel a sense of dread. Only when home alone. Could it be a parasite? Any help would mean everything to me. Even more so if someone can contact a demon they work with and see if they know anything about this. Or if somekne could remote view what’s going on ? I’m just getting so scared I’m gonna either keep staying up all night freaking out, or start sleeping in the car. Please help anyone.


Hahaha, that happened to me too multiple times, I can’t number how many times this happened, but this period will pass. I think that everyone that is into magick encounters those type of experiences at some points. Perform LBRP, that worked for me.


What @Alex01 said, there were nights I had to sleep with lights on :joy: And, I mean, I never had lights on not even in my childhood :joy:

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