Can someone, please, explain the real situation?

I know something from both christianity/gnosticism and spiritual satanism, but what did really happen?

Why do we have angels, demons, god, infernal places, heavenly places?

Who do you think are the good guys and who are the bad ones?

What do you think about the jewish people and the fact that more than half of the planet’s religion is based on their tribal history, God/s and prophets?

There are no good or bad guys, it is all just a bunch of grey areas.

Many people get results working with these entities. Whether they are actual historical individuals or egregores manifested on the astral plane doesn’t effectively matter and may be beyond our comprehension.

The Old Testament is a collection of Sumerian, Egyptian and Canaanite parables, stories and dogma.

The “Israelites” assembled a religious and cultural identity while wondering the desert for 40 years.

For those familiar with the Star Trek universe, this is just how the Romulans created their culture when they left their homeworld of Vulcan.

I happen to know many general things about religion, but I was wondering if some of you guys may have some hot and new information from your spiritual guardians about the spiritual war and if there is a spiritual war. You see?, both christians and satanists say that we are at war. Both believe they are the good side in this war. Christians portray demons in an ugly blasphemous way. Satanists portray demons as our true Gods.

It’s possible to view Angels and Demons as forces with positive and negative polarities, while Heaven and Hell (or heavens and hells) may be explained with the multiverse theory. The many gods are the faces of a reality which in religious terms would be addressed as “the one/true God”, and they are grasped along the evolution of each religion through the 3 stages of fear-love-cosmicity.

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